WAKE UP AND GET AFTER IT – Motivational Speech

Let There Be Peace

On June 28, 1914 Archduke Ferdinand, the presumptive heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was assassinated in Sarajevo. His assignation precipitated a series of diplomatic crises culminating in Austria-Hungary delivering an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia.

Finishing The Year Strong

In life there are so many people who simply did not have a great start. Perhaps, they started on the wrong side of the tracks. Perhaps they were disadvantaged because of their race, ethnicity or some other factor. Nonetheless, they were still able to finish strong. What is so awesome about life and sets it apart from sports is that someone else does have to lose in order for you to win. They don’t have to have a poor showing in order for you to have a great result. So here are my five A’s on how to finish strong:

Keep On Pushing: Achieving The Level Beyond Success

Success excites us! It provides us with evidence that we are capable of achieving regardless of the obstacles we may have had to overcome. Additionally, our achievements serve as further proof that we are capable of even greater success in the future. Needless to say, success means different things to different people.

Keep On Pushing: The Journey From Success To Significance

Needless to say, success means different things to different people. Some think of success in terms of what they hope to get-achievement, wealth, fame, recognition, respect, feeling valued. Others see success in terms of their ability to earn a certain income which would allow them to live in a particular neighborhood, own a particular model car and be able to take multiple vacations each year to exotic destinations.

The Benefits of Being Self Motivated in All Undertakings

Taking responsibility for your own success is the best and only shortcut to success. Therefore, you should know that you are who you want to be and the limit is just within your definition.

Getting Motivated: Towards or Away From Your Goals

Some people are motivated away from the things that they don’t like and some people are motivated towards the things they want. For example, some people will work on increasing their income because they don’t like where they live or they don’t like being in debt. That would be called an Away From strategy; moving away from something that is uncomfortable.

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to a Good Workout

So you have finally decided to take your health into your own hands and to give your body the fitness it deserves. People come in all shapes and sizes and being happy at whatever size you are at is the key to self-acceptance. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that people who are physically fit develop fewer illnesses and diseases as they age. If it is hard for you to head to the gym or go for a walk, then here are 7 essential tips to get you revved up for an awesome workout.

Ambiton – A Passion That Motivates

Ambiton is a deep desire for achievement, irrespective of obstacles and setbacks. It hlps to escape mediocrity. Nothing can compare with the joy of achieving one’s goal.Neither poverty, nor disability no racism can hinder the rise of the ambitious. They never quit.

How to Turn Life’s Lemons Into Lemonade

This article is a shift in terms of focus. Although relevant for the fields of business development and growth, the theme of this article is on personal development before business development. I’ve always been a huge fan of sales gurus and personal growth experts like Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, etc.

An Ounce Of Help Is Better Than A Pound Of Preaching

It’s very difficult to comfort someone who is down and hurting. You want to show your empathy, and strengthen your relationship, but it’s hard to know how to act and what to say. Criticism won’t help but a listening ears can.

Criticism Nourishes A Man’s Growth Without Destroying His Roots

Taking criticism can be difficult. Nobody likes to be told they’ve done wrong. But actually, it’s not at all bad because sometimes you can use criticism to give you a competitive edge.

Give Your Hundred Percent in Whatever You Do and Become a Champion

The power of motivation is often either underestimated or brushed aside by some people. People fail to realize that motivating someone in any arena of life only cultivates more force in generating positive feelings. To pat someone on the back, to congratulate someone when the going gets great or to vouch for someone during his peak form is a mere reinforcement of your support to a person. However, the real use of motivation comes in when the chips are down; nothing seems to be working fine and when someone is under pressure to perform.

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