WAKE UP AND GET IT DONE – Powerful Motivational Speech

Effective Personal Relationship Motivation Advice

For a number of reasons I’ve been thinking about motivation quite a lot recently. As noted and explained within many journals before, human scientists have studied three particular motivators in greater detail than any others. These are the motivation for power, achievement, and affiliation.

Ways to Successfully Waste Your Time

Perspective matters more than anything else. A very common example where one person sees a glass half full and the other sees it half empty defines it all. The same is applicable to the society and the thinking habits of people. What is perceived as a waste of time by one can be the best time utilization by another. The article takes you through some of the ways you are actually wasting and utilizing your time simultaneously depending on how the other person and you see it respectively.

Getting Things Done Through Motivation

This article is about getting things done by riding on the back of your initial motivation. There is a window within which we need to do things/get tasks done. Particularly when it comes to working with other people. If you have a meeting for instance, try to follow up the actions you establish at the meeting (make them clear, simple and specific) within three days. If you don’t work on the weekends be mindful of the fact that that’s two days lost.

Procrastination and the Brick Wall

Leverage is the answer: I don’t usually have a problem with procrastination, I am generally confident in my abilities and quite practical. If I have done something similar I just assume I can do it.

No Arbitrage for Existence

People seem to be lacking in objectivity, which is to view life in its entirety and viewing it as it is, without the projection of our likes and dislike and judgements over things. In other words, failing to calling a spade, a spade. This insight into one of the laws of life will throw some light on how to gain objectivity, explained in modern economics terminology.

Fail Your Way to Success – Donald Trump, Thomas Edison & Ellen DeGeneres ALL Agree!

So what could Donald Trump, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill & Ellen DeGeneres have in common? They all have a most basic understanding of success. Donald Trump said “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” Thomas Edison was quoted: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Ellen retorted: “It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” And Winston Churchill quipped: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Failure is not final nor tragic. It typically happens one or any times before success. Forget about it and move on. Try a new way by tweaking the last. Evolve, grow, aspire and succeed.

It’s ALL Trivia

You are born then you die – the rest and everything in between is all trivia. I can hear you now – “are you crazy, don’t you have a clue as to what I have to put up with every day – kids, bosses, customers, spouses, family, financial challenges, career decisions, fellow employees.” – “Yes, I hear you – and – blah, blah, blah, and again – blah, blah, blah.”

How to Take Advantage of Your Positive Vibrational Energies

When you give out good vibes, the Universe accepts them and returns them 10-fold to you in the form of a manifested burning desire on your part. So what are the high forms of vibrational forces that bring your desires to reality? Look inside to find out.

Life Is More Than Second Chances!

Ever made a bad decision, mistake or just wish you could erase a previous action, choice or outcome? This makes you normal, but the real question is – do you still feel the regret or pain of one of these actions and are you still living with the inability to let go – even to the point of missing a second or even third chance that life always offers?

Walking The Extra Miles, For You

How deep and meaningful of a connection you’d like to forge with another person is more often than not, entirely up to us. That is, how far are you willing to walk for others? For absolutely nothing in return? Because that’s the basis and foundation of all deep meaningful connections.

1-Mph Is Always Better Motivation Than Standing Still

Moving forward even at 1-mph makes much more sense than not moving at all. If you are currently standing still and begin to move at 1-mph, you can accomplish anything you desire.

How To Get Past Roadblocks and Overwhelm

Are you stuck or do you have a problem you need to get through? Whenever you are stuck in a state of not knowing what to do next, start shifting your mindset in a question of “What might I do about this?” Once you ask yourself this question, then just stop, think and let something come to you.

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