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How Can Your Motivation Be Blocking the Law of Attraction?

You’ve probably heard about getting motivated and fired up about what you want, but maybe your motivation is actually getting in the way. Here’s how this can happen and how to ensure that it doesn’t.

Avoiding Financial Difficulties Now

Do you think avoiding financial difficulties is possible? Yes, it is possible but only if you want to avoid it. Do you know if a man thinks he is beaten, then he is beaten? And do you know that success begins with a man’s will? It is all in the state of mind. Yes your state of mind is an essential tool to avoiding financial difficulties, you need to restrain your state of mind from thinking you are doomed. Are you thinking in your mind you might be going down? No, you have got to change your perspective and think of going up instead.

Looking at Life Through the Rear View Mirror

Many of us spend a significant amount of time looking through the rear view mirrors of our lives. Some people spend all their time there – some spend no time there – but most have a nice balance between looking at what’s behind and what’s ahead. Have you ever had the experience of suddenly being confronted, in your mind, with something you did in the past that you wish you hadn’t, or that you regretted, and that “something” flashes up on your brain screen and sends a chill down your spine, or a flop to your stomach, or a tear to your eye – or a song to your heart?

3 Simple Brilliant Steps to Motivate Your Self Within Seconds

Yes, I know what you think. We can’t just flip that way and still many negative thoughts keep coming to us.

When Playing BIG, Old Stuff Will Come Up

Previously I talked about Going BIG or Going HOME. That’s all well & good, but what about all the emotions that arise when you take a great big leap of faith & step into your purpose AND your future, at the same time. Unexpected stuff comes up even stuff you thought you’d ALREADY dealt with. I’m going through this right now. Read on to learn how I’m getting over it & stepping into my future, despite the stuff that’s coming up.

How to Get Motivated and Start Living

Would you like to increase your motivation? Do you feel overwhelmed with your life? Would you say that generally you are a motivated person but do you still procrastinate? On analysis this seems to be a bit contradictory but in fact there are many reasons this makes perfect sense.

What’s Your Story

I experienced a major paradigm shift today. I was listening to Eckhart Tolle’s audiobook, Living a Life of Inner Peace, and he was speaking about how people believe that they are the sum of their experiences – that who they are is based on what has happened to them or what they have experienced..

Inspiration From Most Powerful Business Woman 2007

Ms Indra Nooyi, CEO, Pepsi Co., is Forbes most powerful business woman, 2007. Apart from being a top entrepreneur, her rich personality inspires everyone. Be genuine. It is possible to get ahead in life without portraying a false image of yourself to meet other’s expectations. People appreciate if you are genuine”.

Water Or Sun – Which One Are You?

Water is one thing that avoids obstacles so much that it do does not mind going against its direction just to avoid obstacles. Observe the movement of erosion when it rains, you will discover that it quickly changes direction at every slightest obstacle it encounters on the way.

The Ticket

The story I’m about to tell is just a figment of my imagination. Any resemblance to any real people, places or situation is not intended to be coincidental.

How’s Your Midlife Crisis?

As you transition through life, you are making many changes and going through many different stages. With a life expectancy of 78 (5 years longer for women), when you turn about 40, you are entering what is known as middle age. Everyone goes through this transition, but not everyone experiences the same thing. Often times, men, more than women, will feel the brunt of these changes at this mid-point in their lives. Learn the tools to overcome the challenges so you can enjoy this exciting time of your life.

Astound Yourself!

Have you ever heard the saying that most people only access 20% of their potential? Ever wonder what would happen if we could tap into that other 80%?

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