WAKE UP EARLY & MAKE IT HAPPEN | Powerful Motivational Speeches Compilation

Joyful Inspiring Pleasures

As a creative artist and entrepreneur, I am always seeking new inspiration and joy. I have learned one will find joy in these simple pleasures. The key is living in the moment!

Daily Inspirational Sayings – Secret Motivational Weapon!

Have you ever considered using daily inspirational sayings as a way of keeping up your motivation to reach your goals? Whether you are trying to lose a large amount of weight, get a promotion at work, or make it through an extremely emotional period of your life with a lot of stress, you can make use of sayings to keep your mind steady and focused.

The “Christian’s” Work Ethic

What is the work ethic of the Christian person, and does this set them apart from others in any particular way? In investigating this question, I found my way to Paul’s second letter to the church in Thessalonica. There was a situation with this community, and the sharing of duties, that we too find all the time today…

10 Fabulous Ways For Women Entrepreneurs to Stay Motivated

Running your own business is a lot of work and sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated. We all have days that we feel inspired, on track and powerful and we also have days that we want to crawl under a rock and ask ourselves what was I thinking… why in the world did I go into business for myself?

How Should You React If Fired From Job?

Monster of recession is hovering over everyone across the entire globe these days. Thus layoffs have become a usual affair in the industry. Pink slipping is continuing unabatedly across almost every sector.

The Power of the Mind

It has always amazed me the power that our thoughts have over us. Our thoughts direct our actions and reactions to our circumstances and ultimately help determine the outcome. How we perceive our situation depends tremendously on whether our thoughts are positive or negative and will govern our success in just about every circumstance.

Procrastination – I Don’t Want to Do it and I Can’t Make Me!

Can you put a car’s transmission into a forward gear and into reverse, simultaneously? Not without dropping it right there, on the street, as I did once in North Hollywood, California. Literally, before becoming immobilized, I recall thinking two conflicting thoughts at the same time. The transmission simply acted out what was paralyzing me, professionally, at that exact moment.

How to Uncover Motivation – Possessions Inhibit You, Understanding the Need For Release

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: The Value of Freedom Found In Letting Go! What does it mean explicitly to become conscious of one’s own inner workings (motivation)? {It’s a hallowed sacred deal but it’s inadvertently sexual, in nature}  In a tenaciously raw sense, it means not to be identified with the outer activity (person) in one’s life.

Why Do You Need Your Own Tools For Self-Motivation?

Out of all forms of motivation, self-motivation is one of the most difficult ones. When we try to motivate our subordinates, we have a variety of tools and often substantial financial backing to do so. In the case of motivating your children to go to school, there are usually many ways or rewards which can make the little ones excited and make them change their mind.

Put Your Procrastination COWS Out to Pasture

Do you want to find out what procrastination C.O.W.S are and how to get rid of them? This article will tell you how to put those C.O.W.S out to pasture!

Grand Canyon Motivation Lessons

Today, we are involved in a challenging recession and business is difficult. It is important for us to plan each move we make and remember our accomplishments, so we can stay motivated. There are signs of hope in our economy and we must stay on the trail that will lead us out

The Greatest Source of Motivation – What it is – How to Get It

The powerhouses of this world are ordinary people who are extraordinarily motivated. The level of motivation, above anything else, determines the heights one can hope to reach. Motivation is the fuel of achievement. It is the essence of greatness. With enough motivation, almost anything is possible.

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