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OCD Forum – How to Kill Procrastination From Dealing With OCD Or Anything Else

Have you ever had something that you had to get done, but you just didn’t feel like doing it? We’ve all been there! Here’s the problem with procrastination, it’s like a cancer to productivity. When you suffer from OCD, every time you procrastinate from doing the exercises which free you from it, you prolong the suffering from OCD.

Self-Talk Can Support Or Undermine Success

For practically every habit you want to change, you can create a better, more productive Self-Talk that will advance desired change and results. Learn how to properly feed your brain with right thoughts and words, and you will discover a powerful method for positively impacting your life forever.

Self Motivation From Within – Motivation Comes From Believing

Suffering completes a man. And that one fact has either driven a man towards redemption or towards damnation. Gold has to undergo extreme heat so as to let its glow shine. This is the same thing with man. He needs to suffer for the sake of purifying his soul.

Self Motivation to Step Out Higher – You Are Wonderfully and Fearfully Made

The stunning beauty and intricate wonders of God’s marvelous Creation are beyond anything us human beings can fathom. Nevertheless, we all fall short when it comes to standing in rapt admiration about what our Creator did in each one of us. Each one of us has been endued with a remarkable ability to achieve incredible tasks. Whether you’re aware of it or not, God has given you a unique combination of gifts and talents to achieve remarkable exploits, but you have to choose whether you’ll go for it or not.

Yes, Life is Difficult – Now What?

We often hear that everything is easier said than done. Well, yes it is but that is no excuse to give up on life. Remember, it is your life. Learn to create your life and go from stuck to sensational.

But What If – Thinking As a Tool For Growth

The reason you’re where you are right now is because of the beliefs you hold about yourself and “the way it has to be.” Your belief system is the foundation on which you reside. If you have a shaky foundation (aka belief system,) then no matter how fancy the house you build upon it (aka your life/work/possessions, etc…,) there stands a good chance that eventually it will crack and could even possibly tumble to the ground.

Brain Fitness – Build Motivation With These 3 Stunningly Simple Steps

Is lack of motivation stopping you from succeeding? Especially if your memory is slipping or you have had head injuries, lack of motivation can stop you in your tracks and cause you to fail. Discover how to make motivation your ally with these 3 stunningly simple steps so you can confidently move toward your goal.

Finding Motivation at Work

Do you ever have those days where you can’t quite pull yourself out of bed when the alarm sounds? Many times we have these days because we don’t have the motivation to go to work and do our jobs. This occurs for many reasons, for some people they just haven’t gotten enough rest, for others they are distracted by things going on at home, others are procrastinating with things at work, and others simply lack the motivation to go to work!

Procrastination Solutions – How to Get From Lazy to Motivated

Procrastination gets us down and makes us feel bad about ourselves. Learn about a simple shift in thinking that offers a powerful solution. When we move from self-blame to wonder, we are empowered to take action.

Renewing Your Strength – Soar Like an Eagle

Overcoming great odds or adversity is the story of dreams. The stuff of nightmares is the direct opposite; fear, failure, hopelessness. We’ve all had times when we faced these sorts of odds or found we had to make significant, daunting change. This article will motivate you to higher resilient hope.

An Overview of Motivation Theory

Motivation is simply defined as the one that kindles change and concentration. As Elbert Hubbard says, “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” True isn’t it? Motivation is the one that keeps people to stay focus. It’s motivation that helps people to stay optimistic amidst all the challenges that they encounter in their everyday life.

What is Comparing?

Comparison is one of the biggest models that most people constantly utilize within their everyday lives. They utilize comparing to analyze the world around them and to find how they fit within the accepted normality. Comparing could be anything to what material things you have to physical differences or even to inner emotional expression.

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