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The Courage Course – The Fundamental Elements of Courage

Courage is the act of facing your fears. As Eleanor Roosevelt put it, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

Creating the Right Environment

“No man is an island.” You have probably heard this saying at one time or another. It may be such a cliche but it is true. Every person, no matter how introverted, still reacts with others. The truth is, every person cannot just live alone, no matter what he does. And because people interact with others, these people around him affect what kind of person he is. In fact, the whole environment of a person has an effect to his character. But mostly though, it’s the other people around that influence the character of each individual.

10 Principles to Live Life Without Regret

Losing a friend can be hard. Yet, learning from the life that your friend lived can teach you how to live your life better. My friend, Tracy Leland Jones, whom I lost in June 2006, taught me to live life without regret. In honor of his legacy, I write this article to provide 10 principles I learned from him on how he lived his life so that we can live our lives without regret.

Goal Setting Tips – What Motivates You?

What motivates you? Use this article to discover what motivates you and use your answers to fuel your motivation and join the ranks of the unstoppable.

9 Strategies for Combating Procrastination to Improve your Fitness and Look Great!

Here are some strategies to help you combat the procrastination that has prevented you from achieving your fitness goals.

Finding Your Life Purpose

You don’t have to know your purpose at the beginning of your journey. You’ll find out along the way. Why goals are important. The universe will give you clues.

My Life – Five Years From Now

Some of us are going to wake up tomorrow (seemingly) and it will be 2012. Five years will have passed and August 2007 will seem like yesterday… and not because we have an amazing memory… but because nothing will have changed in our life. We will have done nothing new or different. Despite the fact that we desperately want… new and different.

How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination seems to be a BIG issue with a lot of people. People even do it first thing in the morning. Their alarm clock rings. Instead of turning it off and bouncing out of bed, they push that button that gives them 10 more minutes of sleep. After the 10 minutes they push it again. Then they start telling themselves that they are going to be late for work and be fired. They do that until they can threaten themselves enough, so that they feel motivated to get up. Talk about a bad way to start your day, huh?

Dreams – A Lost Art

As children we dream the grandest of dreams, knowing no boundaries. When we mature, we are instructed to keep our feet on the ground and be realistic. This kills the desire to dreams which is the beginning of all of great successes. Learn how to release the desire to dream again.

Expect Success

Our intentions have a bearing on the results that we get. To create a better life, it is important that we raise our level of expectations. Learn how vital it is to expect success in all situations.

Kickstart Your Life – 9 Ways To Revitalize Your Life

Learn 9 techniques that can be implemented to kickstart your life. Utilize these ideas to get your life back on the path that you desire. Repetitive implementation will enable you to create what you truly desire.

Fear Is Not Real

Fear is one of the main factors that stops people in life. Unfortunately, it is all in our head. Fear is an illusion that does not exist. Allowing it to control us is like believing in the tooth fairy.

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