What YOU Can Do to Ensure a BETTER FUTURE | David Brin on Conversations with Tom

The Power To Be Your Best

It is always the easiest choice to say, “I quit, I give up or I can’t do it.” Sure, its easy to do all the following, but have you thought about what your life would look like if you turned those choices around? Why not start thinking that you “must” instead of you “might”?

And Now, Introducing To Some And Presenting To Others

This is an exciting week for me! My birthday is two days away! I will be celebrating my 25th birthday.

Daily Motivation and How It Will Help You To Succeed

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, whether it’s affiliate marketing or MLM, it’s a great idea to get some daily motivation before you start on your day’s To-Do list. You can get your daily motivation in a variety of ways – reading books or listening to CDs from motivational speakers, heading to YouTube and watching seminars from inspirational speakers or tuning in to podcasts that your company broadcasts every day.


If you want to finally break free from average and achieve the meaning and fulfilment, you have always desired, then it is time for you to accept that you must “GO THE EXTRA MILE” All the people I have researched and studied, who live fulfilling lives, do not perform at average levels, they all “GO THE EXTRA MILE” with everything they do. They stand out because they always put in extra effort. I am sure you know people like this, they are the ones who get the promotions, consistently make their sales targets, grow their…

How to Use What You Love To Do As A Reward to Overcome Procrastination and Get That Project Done!

Say you have a hobby, or activity you enjoy (or love) doing even going out of your way to do when it’s inconvenient. And you’re having a problem taking action on something else, a project or something you’ve been wanting to get started (or completed) – or something you need to take consistent action on. You can use what you love doing to get motivated and end your procrastination to get the other done. Here’s how…

How To Become A Youth Motivational Speaker

Becoming a youth motivational speaker is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have that passion and commitment, then only you’ll be able to encourage and inspire others to achieve success in their personal life and professional life.

Understanding Redemption: What, Why and How

Redemption is a powerful theme. Finding ways to experience redemption, reconciliation, atonement and forgiveness can add meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

All About Motivation and How It Works

Motivation is an important ingredient in any body’s life which helps them move forward with great passion and determination to reach their goal. Motivation helps a person to be stronger and it booms one’s confidence and encourages individuals to work maximum to their capability.

The First Day

The first day was fantastic! The first day was absolutely the best!

Why Is Self Motivation Important?

More often, encouragement comes from other people. When someone feels down, he seeks a motivating presence among friends or relatives. However, truth is that they are not always going to be there.

You Can Win Any Race

I am sure you that you all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, from when you were at kinder garden. The tortoise symbolises the benefit of consistent and focused effort carried out at a steady pace over time and how this will always be more effective than the fast paced, erratic and unfocused effort put forward by the hare. I agree whole heartedly with the fact that consistency and daily focused effort will win the day every time.

Beneficial Life

What is beneficial living? There are certain things we can do to help ensure our lives are beneficial to ourselves and mankind. I plan to try to address a few things that I feel can accomplish this goal. Many times in life what seem beneficial to our lives is really just superficial.

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