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A Way in Making That Change You Want

Change has always been a cliche to every individual yet it has always been a tedious task. Many would like to take the road to transition but only few gets to the right direction. Yet at the end of the day, its not only what you want to change but what you’ve learned along the way makes the journey to CHANGE worthwhile.

How Can Encouraging Quotes Boost My Motivation?

I have found that over the years there are many different forms motivation can take. It can come from the inside or from other sources. It is rare to find internal motivation in something external, but that is what I find in encouraging quotes.

Living Life by Choice

There are times when I stop what I am doing in my business and ask myself the reasons why I am doing this. Why am I doing this again?

Find Things That Motivate You to Fill Yourself With Passion for Life

Are you lacking in passion or motivation for life? Do you find it hard to maintain a strong commitment towards living a fulfilling life? That’s ok because many of us are struggling with the same problem and thankfully, it is a problem that can be addressed quite easily. All it requires is a little thinking, and surprisingly, very few people actually stop to REALLY think about what it is they want out of life.

Fixing Motivation Mistakes: How to Avoid Over Drive and Inspire Emotional Contagion

This Quick Motivation Technique is one in our series about how to avoid motivation mistakes. One of the most common is letting your emotions get away from you. I call it “Emotional Overdrive” How can you avoid “Emotional Overdrive” and instead inspire “Emotional Contagion”?

What Is It Going to Take? – Wake-Up World

Well educated and well trained people all over the world have lost their jobs, their money and their lifestyles and worst of all, their hopes, dreams and respect. It seems, that thing all over, are in an extreme state of uncertainty and confusion. So I ask you: What are you going to do? Sit back and hope that you can ride out this wave before it becomes too large to surf anymore. Do what many are doing, try to compete with thousands for that one job in your area? How much worse can it get for many?

Organization Mode

We start our day at our office with a task, for a result and with the end of the day, in the evening, we feel free, its time to go to home and we start our next day again in the same mode. But do we really utilize every minute of our day, in our office for the work. I think not. We do our work, because we are bound to do so, otherwise we won’t have pending files on our table. We don’t feel sorry, for what we did not accomplish today, but we do feel happy, if we don’t have work.

How to Stop Being a Perfectionist, and Start Enjoying Life

Are you one of those people who try to do everything perfect all of the time? when it isn’t perfect do you blame yourself and say I should have done it differently? Many of us have this mind-set of looking ahead and planning it all out exactly as it should be.

How to Get Motivated: My Personal Best Trick for Getting My Own Motivation Going

Like most people, I start thinking about resolutions and how I want to achieve my goals; some new, some old. The trick is – like with everything else – finding and applying the motivation to get these things done. Here is one of my best “life hacks” that I use to accomplish what I need to get done.

How To Accomplish Your Dreams – New Year’s Resolutions

When thinking about how to make a real difference in your daily life, you have to take a look at your current habits and what is holding you back. Have you ever noticed that most days look the same and you happen to feel the same way about it week in and week out?

The Greatest Motivator is an Earned Ego – Let’s Get Motivated Now!

The best and strongest motivation for the individual is knowing, or believing they can do something, complete a task, or go on to conquer a goal. This “knowing” usually comes from previous achievement, and really becoming good at something in perhaps a different aspect of their life. It is an especially strong motivator for children.

Simple Effective Tips To Achieve Your Goal

Do you have problems achieving your goal? Do you want to get somewhere in life? If you do, then here are some effective simple tips to achieve your goal.

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