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Why Try

Why try when no one cares? Why try when you take one step forward and three backward? Do you know or do you think you will ever be living on welfare and in public housing?

How To Motivate Someone When They Need It The Most

As a part of a traditional home based business you are probably a leader in some respect. Maybe you only have a team of a few people or perhaps you have a huge downline either way as a leader there are going to be times when you know a team member is struggling and needs a good dose of motivation. So how do you motivate someone when they really need it?

Need to Get Things Done? Take a Vacation!

What technique do you use for knocking big chunks of items off a massive Action List? Here’s mine…

Why You Need to Take These 5 Simple Actions to Improve Yourself

Improve your life and your rate of success by taking these 5 simple daily actions. And notice the difference in your energy and desire to achieve within the next 30 days.

Give Yourself A Reputation To Live Up To

Did you ever notice how hard it seems to achieve something when you don’t have a particular goal or outcome in mind? Imagine this for a moment with me: you have all the time in the world and you could do whatever you would like to do. What will you do?

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight By Destroying Negativity

Whenever you look into the mirror and hate what you see, it’s the most depressing feeling in the world. If you’re overweight and had just one wish, it would be to have a body you could be proud of – every time. The only person who has the power to grant you that wish… is YOU.

Midlife Crisis – An Overview

If you’re between the age of forty and fifty chances are you have been dealing with this problem. Learn how you can approach it proactively and move on with your life.

When Those Close to Us Don’t Agree

What do you do when you love more than one person in your life, but they are at odds with each other, and you find yourself torn between them? It’s a pretty common scenario. For one reason or another, a daughter or son doesn’t approve of who you, as a divorced person, are dating. A mother or father doesn’t approve of the person you intend to marry. You colleagues at work, or your friends, don’t like the person you are living with.

How Change Really Happens

We don’t change by doing something to change ourselves. That would be like fixing something that’s broken. We aren’t broken. Rather, we have grown up fooling ourselves, and therefore not hearing our true voice. We change by recognizing what’s already true of us. This is a process of realization, awakening, becoming aware.

An Attitude of Expectancy – How Do You Deal With It?

You may be wondering, if I have made a plan, written down my goals, know all the steps that I have to do to reach my goals, and things still are not working, what do I do? You may start having doubts about yourself and your ability to achieve success in your life. You may be the type of person that has done everything right to the highest level of integrity possible. However, things are still not going your way, not one bit. What do you do?

Inspirational Thoughts – Play Big In Your Life

“Are you playing too small?” An inspirational thought came to me when I was reviewing Money & You years ago. I wasn’t sure why I had the thought, probably it was a message from the Universe to me. And whenever I had this thought, I questioned myself. “Am I playing too small?” “How do I play bigger?” There’s an inspirational saying, “Playing big is better than playing small. Both require an equal amount of time.” This is somehow true, isn’t it? In the first place why play big? Why don’t we just play it small, be contented with life? Why play big and be subjected to stress and criticism?

Failure – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Understanding that failure is part of success will is a key to achieving success. In your process to achieve success, you will experience moments of what we call failure. You cannot let this discourage you and take you off track. You cannot start telling yourself you are worthless or you cannot accomplish the goals that you have set out to do.

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