What’s Going to CHANGE in the Next 10 Years? | Jeff Bezos

Accountability With Multiple Collaborative Third-Mind Views?

Are you serious about thinking big and playing big? Then consider having a mastermind group for on going third eye resources and accountability on a regular basis.

Making a Difference Daily

How can you make a difference on a daily basis? How would making a difference make you feel? What would it do for others?

Cause and Effect

We need to better understand the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect. These laws when applied with trust in the universe can absolutely transform any thing or any situation in your life! First of all you must trust in the universal laws- do you believe for instance that the universe is out to get you or do you believe that you live in a universe that absolutely conspires with you? Is it a friendly universe or an unfriendly one as far as you are concerned?

Nurturing the Entrepreneur in You – Building Things and Celebrating the Work it Takes

It almost seems fractional, but we’re all rather entrepreneurial. I asked my wife very casually, ‘What’s your definition of who’s an entrepreneur?’ and she said, seemingly without a nanosecond’s thought, ‘Have an idea and run with it.’ There’s a lot involved, sure…

Winston Churchill Quotes – How 3 Winston Churchill Quotes Can Ignite Your Motivation

These Winston Churchill quotes may have a lot of bite in them, but they do serve an important purpose. People who read them can’t help but feel empowered somehow.

Overcoming Procrastination – Getting Organized to Complete the Task

Procrastination is a big hindrance to your success. Whatever its cause, procrastination should be stopped and dealt with before it takes away your dreams and goals in life.

The Courage to Quit Your Job

It is a recession apparently – it is worldwide. Doom and gloom fill our TV’s, radios and everyday general banter. We can get through this right? We can keep our nose to the grind stone and do our jobs as well as we can, and we will make it through right?

What’s Stopping You?

Everyone has dreams but few people make them come true. A business coach outlines the typical excuses people make and how to defeat them so that you can make your dreams come true.

Fight the Difficult Time With Short Quotes

Life contains the experience of different ups and downs. Every person feels happy in the good time. But nothing is permanent. The shadow of bad time comes and we feel upset and under pressure. Sometimes we feel deadly tired and stressed.

How to Remain Motivated Despite the Countless Odds

There is nothing truer than the saying ‘no pain, no gain’, though most of us relate this saying to making money and the risks involved in doing so. But pain is also behind gaining knowledge and wisdom. Or else, how would you ever know the importance of studying more, if you did not fail in class?

Self Improvement and Motivation

Self Improvement and motivation are usually in a yin and yang relationship. They can at times be locked in a combat for supremacy, but other times self improvement and motivation are traveling buddies, arm-in-arm, each carrying the other.

Tired of Being Fat? Motivate Yourself to Get Off That Couch

Every year, that one day comes around, New Years. We make many promises to ourselves. One of the most common ones that I have found is the promise to lose that weight. Whether it is 10 pounds or 100 pounds, everybody wants to look good and feel good.

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