When All Hope Is Lost | Motivational Video

Is Your Focus On What You Have Lost Or What You Have Left

Sooner or later we all lose something during our life – a job, a loved one, our health, our resources or any number of life’s things. Loss is just a normal part of living even though we don’t want to lose anything that we love, like, have, value or are attached to. Just think for a moment how many people each year lose stuff due to floods, hurricanes, storms, accidents or fire – the number would stagger you. Did they see these coming? Probably not. Were they devastated? Most likely. Did they survive? Yes. Did they have to begin again? Yes. Was it easy? Probably not.

Success And Happiness Are In The Heart

The heart is the most important organ in the body. Yes you need every other organ to function correctly but when the heart stops – well it’s over. Few people grasp that the heart is more than an organ that just pumps blood every minute of every day. You’ve heard it – what does your heart tell you? Does this mean the heart has feelings, emotions, can give you guidance on important matters or questions or is generally an insignificant aspect of life’s decisions, outcomes or behaviors?

Regret Weigh Tons

Got any regrets? Who doesn’t? Stressing you out? Why – nothing you can do about them now! One of the common reasons why people fail to achieve happiness, contentment and inner peace in life is due to previous regrets – things done and things not done and often things said and things not said.

How To Be A Success, Even With Setbacks

The difference between being successful and not might be different than you think. This post shows how a lot of little things can make a significant difference.

How to Get Motivated in Three Easy Steps

When all you have in front of you is a screen and around you walls with their decorations, getting bored or losing motivation is not that difficult. I am talking about people working online from the comfort of their living rooms or home offices. Without motivation, it is impossible to make progress or function efficiently.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?

Feeling stuck? Uncertain? Afraid? Conflicted? Join the ever growing club of good people who feel out of control whether it’s their business, career, relationships, finances or just life in general.

Love And Fear Can’t Coexist

What the world needs is love unfortunately what the world is experiencing now and for the foreseeable future is more fear. There are only two basic emotions love and fear and evidence has proven that when you live your life from a center of love (not talking here about romantic love) rather than fear you will live longer, accomplish more and be happier. If this is true, why do the majority of people let fear drive their life?

What Is Holding You Back From The Life You Desire?

Healthy self-talk is another tool you can utilize in order to move yourself forward. Go within you and have a self-talk with yourself. Make sure it is motivating self-talk. If you engage in self-talk that is not motivating, you will only be taking on the role of those who speak negatively of you. Do not give anyone that kind of second job. If you want to engage in verbal self-talk, then fine.

I Can See Clearly Now With Visualisation

You have worked out your goal, what you want and you have worked out your ‘why’, your reason for wanting it, but nothing is happening still. Your not manifesting your dream, why is that?

The Risk Reward Ratio

What is your attitude when it comes to taking risks? Risk – possibility of loss or injury, someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard, the chance of loss or the perils of actions and/or decisions. Every day we all take risks although most of us don’t look at routine actions in this way.

Thirty Minutes To Increased Success And Happiness

Don’t believe me – read on. If you devoted just 30 minutes a day, focused on a variety of actions, attitudes and behaviors you can’t imagine the positive outcomes both short and long term. Everyone wastes a great deal of time every day on any number of useless and often nonproductive activities. If they would just invest a simple thirty minutes a day concentrating on simple and productive actions they would be amazed at the progress they could make in a variety of life areas; relationships, health, wealth, career and life in general.

The Impact Of Projection On Success And Happiness

Consider for a moment – that your life (reality) is nothing more than your projection of who you think you are to the rest of the world. If you; Are Bored – could it be that you are boring? Are Confused – could it be that you are conflicted?

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