When Billionaires Feel FEAR They Do THIS! | #BillionaireMindset

Live Your Life: Step Into The Fear

Someone I previously worked with decided to go on his own and start a service business. As we shook hands, I gently reminded him to work on his presentation skills, for we both knew he had a fear of looking foolish and not communicating too clearly and convincingly to his audience.

The Power of Rational Persuasion – A Fascinating Human Art of Influencing Society

It is the power of a persuasive brilliant strategy in getting a lot of people to perform tasks when directed that fascinates most human beings. Whether it is directly or indirectly transmitted by mass media or some other kind…

The Power of Peer Influence – That Is What Friends Are For

The importance of friends becomes more than a matter of courtesy as soon as a person becomes free at some point in life. Soon, as expected, one exchanges the gained freedom of being independent with losing the security of home and bits of siblings’ friendship. In time, life proceeds with raising a family and finally for many, facing the dreaded uncertainty of becoming a senior citizen. At this instance, the reality begins to sink in one’s life. Undeniably, more than ever, strong friendships and enduring companionship are most needed to ease one’s fear of being alone, especially during the ensuing retirement years. Still we may do well through all stages of life as we use all powers to survive even as we live apart, with or without friends; something that every breathing person does to fulfill his existence. For most human beings, isolation from others can lead to a meaningless life.

Finding Your Light – How To Look Inside Yourself And Find Your Passion

With our hectic lives and the hefty demands our jobs put on us it is hard to see what is truly important. Dreams and goals that we hold dear usually end up being passed over for the more immediate solution or pressing matter. However it is important to find your light, see the dreams and passion within and be able to follow them.

Failure Is a Great Teacher

When I start to be in business I assure myself that I would not fail because I was thinking of what other would say if I fail. Looking back at my first business decision, I have to chuckle at how naive I was. To be successful, I know that failure is a part of it. I mean there is no possible way you can be successful without first failing. Failing is actually the great motivator of all, where it will build your character or break you.

Seek The Inner Fire

We all have up and down periods in our lives. But as long as that inner fire is guarded consciously by us, we can manage all of it. Here is an article that will stimulate as well as somewhat educate, and definitely motivate.

Become a Hope-A-Holic

Have we reverted to a jungle-life where only the fit will survive? When you believe that you are capable of achieving excellence, your belief becomes the driver that helps you get where you want to go. Positive beliefs not only help you to see what you want out of life, they also release the energy that you need to get there.

The Zero Hour Workweek

Words have a profound affect on how we view reality. And often times when I see people describe their “work” or “job,” they do so with very negative connotations. They complain that it makes them tired, bored, and uninspired.

The Secret of Living to Be 100

What triggers us to begin to accept the onslaught of age as inevitable? Why do some children appear old at age seven and some grandparents youthful at 80?

A Street Called Hope

Hope has diverse ways of showing up, ranging from the inventor who had failed many times over to the student who has sat for the examination many more times than expected, even to the politician who continues to lose one election after another. The common denominator in all of these scenarios is hope, if each of the personalities does not get to give up. Failure is never a pleasurable experience but it meets its match in an undying hope that success can be achieved. Eventually it would have no choice but to give way. Hope brings about a very creative imagination, painting pictures in our head which eventually stimulate our drive and fires our will to go on. Hope coupled with all of these pictures together conceptualize the age long gem called vision. Vision structures the future and makes it almost as tangible as something that can be held. Vision tells about possibilities in the realm of the invisible which can be achieved with the right kind of belief.

Do You See Motivational Stories All Around You?

We spend time searching for motivation, when all we should do is take a look around. Motivational stories are everywhere in our lives.

An End Product by the Family and Society

Raw materials + labor (inputs) = End product. Raw materials are all the education, investments you put into YOURSELF! For example: Knowledge from school education, etiquette and social cultural understanding. At the end of the ‘conveyor’ belt, you are the end product.

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