WHEN IT BREAKS YOU – Powerful Motivational Speech

Youth: A Critical Stage in Life

This is a short article to create awareness to youths on how they can defined their purpose in life and start doing the right things to be successful. The youthful life is the period where characters are materialized, values are developed and choices are made. The choices and decisions that would transform our lives and even forthcoming generations, in spite of our present dilemma, will be taken during this phase of life.

How To Use Gratitude To Make Yourself Live More Positively

When you make gratitude the focus of your daily interactions with others, each action you perform will be rooted in thanksgiving. You can do this if you make your day to day activities and actions thankful, deliberate and purposeful. It will help you can make your life more positive and achieve more success in your daily projects. Here are a few tips and strategies to do this.

How to Recognize Self-Sabotage Behavior

Being self-aware enough to notice self-sabotaging behavior will go far in helping you curb it. Give some thought to how you’re running your life so that you can kick self-sabotaging behavior to the curb.

Failure Is a Key Behind Your Success

Everyone wants to become successful in life but no one wants to fail, but why? Why the people are afraid of failure?

STEP II Bridge To The Real World

Each activity session has a a methodical outline that the professional follows. The outline is a format, so that the professional creates a successful program for their clients. This same method applies to the remotivation sessions.

The Value Of Patience Or The Advanced Principles Of Honesty

Think! Life is work when you have to earn your way through. When you do though, it is totally worth it and nobody can genuinely take it away from you. With that meant and hopefully understood, I begin this article.

Awaken The Sloth – Tips to Build Momentum and Motivation

When things get tough, it can be easy to fall into a sloth-like slumber. Here are some tips to build momentum and motivation, even when it feels impossible.

Goals: – 6 Ways To Be Inspired To Go For It

Have you been struggling with trying to reach your goals in life? Has this stopped you or cause you to procrastinate? Well, Here’s 6 ways to inspire you to go for it.

If You Want Something New, It Begins With You

Look around you. What do you see? I don’t mean literally but figuratively. What is missing from your life right now? What would make your life complete? Putting aside the restrictions of the current pandemic, think of something you’ve wanted that hasn’t happened yet?

10 Best Retirement Jobs

Have you ever heard the modern work term for the peoples who are all set to retire from their regular careers and looking for beginning a new one? Well, the term is familiar to retirement jobs. What it is? This modern work term generally refers to a retirement career which not only provides additional income but also gives the opportunity of making the time full of fun.

Move From Your Starting Point

All of us have goals and aspirations. Whether we follow through on achieving them is another story. But for those who make that single crucial decision to go after that goal or dream, they must have a starting point. Where is your starting point?

Discipline – The Vehicle of Success

We have all heard ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. Practice is doing something repeatedly in order to do it well. Whether it is shooting a basketball or preparing for a speech. Practice is your best ally. But what is it that keeps you practicing? It is Discipline.

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