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In Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Fact That You Do It

There’s a well known song that goes, “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…” If you are looking to improve your life in any way then you can adopt this as “It ain’t what you do, it’s the fact that you do it…”

Chinese Proverbs

Chinese proverbs are unique in both their construction and length – in no other language can four simple syllables capture so much meaning and depth. This article looks at the heritage of Chinese proverbs and a few of the more commonly heard expressions.

Success Through Mind Power Philosophy

SUCCESS THROUGH MIND POWER PHILOSOPHY Abstract Experts on the human mind claim that we use less than 10 per cent of our minds. Most of our mental faculty is said to be dormant. Michael Obi has developed in thirty years this philosophy to enable anyone use more of the latent faculty to achieve his dreams and life’s ambition following the step by step method described in his book.

The Fear Quotient – How Much Does Fear Rule Your Life?

Fear is often a boundary that can stand in the way of aligning oneself with a true path. Gain a new perspective about fear, and learn how to overcome it in a positive way.

Are You Sabotaging Your Life?

Are you someone who easily gets distracted from your own life with the excitement of other’s activities and projects? You might be your own worst enemy in getting what you want for YOUR life! Here are some practical steps to further your own agenda and stay focused on what you want.

Learning to Say No

Often, a person that has mainly nurtured others is not so good at acting in their own self-interest. To live a more congruent life, people must learn to say no to others sometimes, and yes to themselves.

Passion – Love Your Work – The Law Of Attraction

Loving what you do matters. It gives you the reason to carry on . The motivation to persevere and the passion to improve. It makes life worth living… Learn how to create a passion for almost anything.

New Age Philosophy

The Success through Mind Power philosophy is best suited to our times, the so called Aquarian age, when people are seeking miraculous or immediate solutions in religion and spirituality to their multifarious problems. Yet the philosophy is neither religious nor is does it know barriers or discrimination. Its ten steps to success are simple to follow.

Your Evolving Definition

This article is designed to reveal the significance of life’s defining moments, and how to capture them. Also, I explain how every true desire of the heart is accompanied by a moment that will actualize the desire.

Stop Winning

When we stop devoting our energy to winning, and instead focus on playing, thats when our lives dramatically shift!

Jump Into Life And Achieve Wealth

When we return to our childlike state and embrace the freedom, which we once so enjoyed, we can literally “jump into life” and begin realizing the wealth that we desire. Whether you seek wealth in home and family, in nature, in an occupation, or in other material possessions that you’d like to own you must retrieve your inner child and jump back into life to start fulfilling your dreams.

Important Biblical Messages for Success in Life

Me as a person I am not inclined to any religion in particular but that does not mean that I am closed to wisdom. Wisdom comes from everywhere the point is to make the best use of it. As it is said “Wisdom is the proper use of knowledge”.

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