WHEN IT HURTS YOU – Motivational Speech

You Have to Know an Opportunity When it is Presented to You

Sometimes in Life you have to know an opportunity when it is presented to you. We sometimes crave for things, and when they are presented to us we coil up like a slinky and resort back into the fetal position.

Positive Affirmations – They Can Help You Succeed!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve success almost magically and others never seem to aspire to the success they desire. It could be because of the thoughts we are reinforcing in our lives.

The Law of Attraction and Worry

Worry. You know the feeling. The twisting in the pit of your stomach, the nagging headache at the back of your head, the sweaty palms, well you get the picture. But it’s not a very pretty picture is it?

Are You in Your Comfort Zone and Quite Happy Being There?

If you figure out what motivates you and learn how to motivate yourself then you are well on the way to better health and self-improvement. There are things you can say to yourself that will keep you going to reach what ever goal you set for yourself. You may be worried that you will have trouble doing what you set out to do or worry your health will not keep up to it and you will give up half way through and never reach your goal.

Fire Pits Aid Self-Improvement and Motivational Goals

Finding motivation to complete a personal or work-related project is difficult even for the best of us. After all, when there seems to be no logical reason to complete the task immediately, then why not put it off until tomorrow? For example, for those of us who are trying to get rid of unwanted pounds, we often fail to acknowledge the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise; we dread the pain in our muscles and the junk-food-deprived feelings in our stomachs, thereby losing sight of the healthy results.

Validation is Overrated! Achieving Your Goals Requires Permission – From No One!

If you’re waiting for a nod from the Powers-That-Be to do something you are secretly dying to do, you are wasting your time… literally. The Powers-That-Be — you know, “those people” from whom you are waiting to receive permission? They really don’t care about you and what you do or don’t do.

The Best Motivator to Quit Your Day Job

Want to quit your day job but don’t know if you can maintain the enthusiasm that enables you to make a living by yourself? You have to build a mindset reminding you that access to personal freedom will be completely blocked if you decide to drop your efforts.

Life Isn’t Really That Short – How You Can Bring More Life Into Your Life

Life is short. We’ve all heard that saying, but it’s really not that short. There is a technique that you can do to provide motivation to bring more life into your life.

Take Control of Your Life and Live How You Deserve to Live

You are very good at your job. Too bad you hate it. But what else are you to do? You have bills to pay and a family who enjoys eating. You are stuck in a job you do not like and you feel there is nothing you can do.

How to Destroy Dangerous Habits Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling

We all we are creatures of habits. Whenever a habit sets in, it is hard to change the particular habit. Habits can be good or bad. While some habits cost us to lose our health and money, we should prevent from doing dangerous things that could cause addictions in future.

The Genesis For Motivation is Inspiration

Motivation without inspiration represents nonexistence. Discover how powerful inspiration is as it pertains to motivation.

5 Ways to Know If You Have Found Your Life’s True Passion

Finding your true passion does not give you any kind of magic powers, nor will it bring you success. In fact, “Do what you love and the money will follow” is not a complete sentence.

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