WHEN IT’S HARD – Motivational Speech

Developing Self Control

One who does not have a disciplined and controlled approach in life can never succeed in this world of heavy competition. Without a control on the self and behavior, one can remain on the back of the herd and this causes de-motivation.

Motivation Theories

There have been several motivational theories created by people over time, however seeing how they are theories and not proven facts there are some that people believe and others that people do not believe. One of the most popular and well known theories comes from Abraham Maslow and it is called the hierarchy of needs.

What is Intrinsic Student Motivation?

It has become very difficult for teachers to engage students in their classes and create interest in them for the subject. There are different motivation methods, some are called extrinsic and others intrinsic.

How to Increase Student Motivation?

As students grow up it becomes more difficult for them to concentrate on the subject and they get distracted more easily with their adolescent problems. So at high school it becomes a challenge for teachers to keep students attention.

Your Intentions Are Talking About You

Do you know the difference between I should, I want to and I am? Each of these provide insight into our true intentions. Listen carefully when you hear a team member discuss an action plan and you will know when to take that action plan seriously.

How the Israelites’ Days in the Desert Relate to Us Today

Are you enslaved by your position today like the Israelites were in Egypt? Are you looking for a land flowing with milk and honey?

Kick the Procrastination Habit in 4 Easy Steps

When you create a “procrastination” habit, you reduce your ability to function effectively. This habit is controlling you and can be a hard habit to break. If you believe that procrastination is an issue in your life, what would it look like to no longer choose to resist doing something?

Positive Choices

We have all kinds of choices to make daily. And we shall take full responsibility for our actions.

Piece by Piece

The pieces of our life don’t mean much unless you examine what is holding them together. It is a work of art and we are the grout.

Piece by Piece

The pieces of our life don’t mean much unless you examine what is holding them together. It is a work of art and we are the grout.

Don’t Ever Give Up!

I always hear about people being so negative about starting a business. You hear things like; I can’t do that or You can’t do that. The truth is, you can do anything you set your mind to do.

The Law of Three

If health, wealth, love and perfect self expression are appealing to you, then I suggest you honor your desires and stand steadfast in pursuing them, even in the face of adversity or ridicule. Let no man squelch your dreams. Dreams are born of desire and more importantly, with persistence… come true. When this happens, you are experiencing The Law of Three firsthand.

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