WHEN LIFE GETS HARD – Motivational Speech

Personality Traits

In my hay day there was a local basketball player that was better then anybody around. He was not the tallest or the biggest but he could out play anybody in the area. He took the team to the state where he finally lost. His life was both art and motivation in action.

Why Do I Procrastinate?

It is amazing that one of the most powerful forces working against us is our own self. Procrastination is act of putting off a task or activity to a later time, when it makes more sense to do it now.

Giving Birth to a Mid-Life You Love

Christiane Northrup wrote one of my favorite books, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. In the early years of my practice as a nurse-midwife, I referred to that book more than any other. And I now feel that her more recent book The Wisdom of Menopause promises to be as oft-cited and referred to in the coming years.

Making Dreams Come True With a Foundation for a Better Life

I walked some of the way to therapy this morning. It is a cold quite rainy day, so beautiful. The air crisp, the ocean a pale aqua, lots of white in the sky. My heart felt full. How lucky I am to have found a person to help me make sense of everything, and lead me away from my own dead end type of thinking and living.

When the Time’s Right, Go!

There are certain characters in life that extract every molecule of oxygen out of the air they breathe, burning long and dry until they enter the ether. They live and die by risk.

Carrying Dead Weight

Why do we do what we do? That is the question. Why do we have a tendency to continue to carry dead weight? We often blame God for the things that we just cannot get over. It is not God’s fault.

Search For Your Inner Child

When was the last time that you thought you were feeling the best? The feeling that we are at a loss for appreciating finer things in life is overwhelming. We may have all the physical and material comforts but we have lost the joy of appreciating what we have. This post is about how to let your inner feelings grow so that you can become more complete individual.

Success Formula – 5 Ultimate Tips How to Stay Motivated All the Time

You know it very well that if you want to be successful, you must have the motivation so that you will have the drive to go on. Most people fail to come up with motivation to do what they supposed to do, and this is why they are living in mediocrity.

Are False “Electric Fences” Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals?

A few weeks ago I was walking along a path in a park not too far away from my house. Since the weather was beautiful, I decided to go to the park to make a few videos on hitting goals I had in mind.

Motivation – Do You Have the Mindset of a Dream Carrier?

Dream carriers have certain characteristics that cause them to push forward until the goal is achieved. Check out these mindsets to see where you fit in and if not work on developing them to do the same for achieving your dreams.

Need Motivation? 5 Stellar Secrets to Stop Frustration and Start Living Your Best Life Now!

Many women struggle to succeed, and live lives of quiet desperation. They believe that their life is their responsibility, and that’s true. BUT they believe that going it alone is the best plan too. Well, I am here to tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth. It just doesn’t have to happen.

Healing The Move, Expatriating the Wisdom

Healing is a fabulous journey into the depth of wisdom and passion for life. When moving location becomes a way of life, the healing blends naturally and enhances the experiences. Read more about the journey!

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