WHEN LIFE HITS YOU – Motivational Speech

Controlling Your Mind Power – Habits and Your Self Image

Your self image had a reservoir of subconscious beliefs (truths) to draw upon in response to your life situations without your conscious involvement. These infantile beliefs are the truths that the self image used to control nearly every aspect of your life in adulthood. Its repetitive control gradually became deeply ingrained habit.

Simple Daily Habits That Keep You Motivated

To accomplish anything in life you need a driving force. You need something that pushes you along the path that we have chosen. Wishing to have or accomplish something is not going to get you moving, as wishing is a passive behavior that lacks the strength to cause you to act. What you need is a force that causes you to take action. That force is motivation.

Develop the Mindset of a Champion – Take Responsibility

This article is about taking responsibility for your actions and their effect whether they are good or bad in expected or unexpected situation even when things go wrong. Responsibility means you are liable for all your actions, effects and result whether they are good, bad, expected or unexpected. We feel very helpless when we think that every situation has its cause and effect and in this way we make excuses and blame others which are very easy. Our emotions, thoughts, expectations whether conscious or unconscious determine out outcomes. If you think negative then your results would be the same. We create situation with our unconscious mind and fear, doubts and inner conflict damage our conscious desires. You should increase your awareness of thought, expectations towards you desired results. Being responsible means you have power to create results that you really want in life. To become a champion take control of your future result by facing challenge or setback.

Living Everyday With Passion

Real passion takes you from living life in black and white, to living life in live and vivacious 3-dimensional colors. Passions fuels and enhances ambition, and desire. When you have real passion, it’s reflected in every area of your life. To be able to meta morph yourself into a person that lives a life full of passion everyday in every way, you have to first understand the importance of self appreciation, and self acceptance.

Are You Feeling Hopeful Or Hopeless?

What is it that makes us wake up in the morning with enough motivation to get through the day? How do we go about increasing our motivation and feeling hopeful about our goals?

Law of Attraction With Mental and Cosmic Power is the Key

Do you know the perfect ingredients to applying manifest with intense power? The secret is the perfect combination, just like the perfect ingredients in baking a cake. Omitting a necessary ingredient will cause you to fail.

Increase Your Value

What can you do today that can double your income…attract others to you…and increase your effectiveness? A first place to start is, what do you know?

Do You Ever Feel Like BLAH?

It’s like all your energy is sapped and for reasons unknown to you, you can’t don’t anything about it. For some, it happens on the odd day here and there, but for others it’s an almost every day experience.

You Are Alone to the Degree You Accept Being Alone

Being alone in the world is a fact of life. Perhaps the times we feel most alone is when we’re in the midst of multitudes of others. In times like these, a sense of separation from our environment often pervades our awareness. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It merely underscores the reality we all live in: into this world we come alone and out of it we leave alone.

When Your Plans Need to Adapt to Change

It’s a key principle of life that plans don’t always work out the way we’d like or the way we planned them originally. That’s a no brainer. But, we potentially still become incredibly disillusioned and depressed when they fail. When they fail, we fail — right? Wrong.

4 Ways to Achieve Whatever Your Want

A man can achieve anything if he believes in himself, makes persistent efforts to fulfill his dreams, have courage to face hardships of life, and have a do-or-die spirit. This article elaborates these four principles.

Will You Give Your All For Your Dreams?

From childhood, we are told to “dream big.” Unfortunately, life and its unforeseen bumps often seem to determined to challenge or even crush those dreams. But in the face of such seemingly overwhelming distractions and discouragement, we each have a choice to make. That choice is to either keep pressing on toward our dreams or sit down and simply give up.

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