When You Are GRATEFUL You Become Less SELF-DESTRUCTIVE! | Russell Brand | #Shorts

A Message of Hope

As this New Year starts and everybody seems to be evaluating his or her life, we all have to come to the same conclusion that, no matter what we plan or think or do, life is pretty unpredictable. The media is bombarding us with news about economic and social instability and often even our own little square foot of world we live in doesn’t seem secure anymore. It is almost inevitable that feelings of hopelessness start to invade our soul. Nevertheless, in the midst of all this confusion, there is one thing that has not changed.

Stop Planning and Start Doing!

When John hired a coach, he felt like he was spinning his wheels – going nowhere. He hoped that coaching would give him the objective assistance he needed to add traction to his ministry.

5 Ways to Make This New Year’s Resolve Stick!

Most resolutions are to do with breaking old habits and creating new ones. People who succeed are aware of how their lifestyle is held together by the habit they want to break, and so they set about changing their lifestyle. Whatever you are resolved to do this year increase your chance of making it a reality by running through these simple checks.

Decide to Live Your Ideal Life

You can surely learn many stress management techniques like visualization and positive thinking. I think, however, that life is a decision. Once you have decided to live your ideal life, everything just becomes clear.

3 Ways to Remain Motivated to Live Your Life

Let’s face it, without motivation you will be stuck where you are now with no way out. If you are worried about your present situation and your future, here are some thoughts you should consider.

3 Simple Tips How to Stay Motivated All the Time

If you want to achieve your goals, make your dreams come true and live a successful life, you will need to have the motivation to go through the journey to success. Many people fail to produce amazing results in their life simply because they lack the motivation to take the necessary action to achieve what they truly want in their life. They lack the motivation and they do not really bother about their dreams.

Give This Life Your Best Shot – Dream Big, Take Risks, Enjoy the Ride

You’ve got one swing at home plate. Bases are loaded, 2 strikes, bottom of the 9th, clock’s ticking. You’ve got one shot to win this thing, or foul it up and lose big. Don’t be “Casey at Bat,” man–give it your best shot and smash that thing to Pluto!

Gratitude – Part Two

Healthy foods are nourishment to the body as gratitude is to the soul. The more aware we are of the life-giving force and principle of gratitude, the more enriched our can lives become.

Outside Your Comfort Zone – Assessing Your Personal Risk Taking Style

How well do you manage situations outside your comfort zone? Your ability to understand your Personal Risk taking Style with its preference for dealing with unknown outcomes is one of the seven key characteristics in the new world of work.

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Before we can motivate others we need to motivate ourselves. Here are 7 ways to motivate yourself and get ready for any new challenges ahead.

What Does Money Have to Do With It?

How many times have you been in a position when everything else is at fault for your shortcomings, but yourself. Have you ever wonder what will happen if you decide to take a leap of faith and change your life forever?

Understanding the Learning Process

Being able to succeed often requires an understanding of your development level. Find out how to determine which type of instructor you need during each of those levels.

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