WHEN YOU FEEL BROKEN – Motivational Speech

What it Takes to Achieve Your Goals – Motivation Or Self-Discipline?

We humans don’t feel comfortable acting at random – we like to have reasons for doing things. When people act apparently without reason, we tend to label them as ‘insane.’ They may simply have different reasons from ours.

How YOU Can Achieve The Impossible

Achieving the impossible is indeed very possible as people proof every single day. Learn how you can achieve the impossible in your life with this informative article.

Personal Tuition

The ability to show, or if you like teach others around me how to earn money, an income for themselves, has quite simply always being something I could do. Possibly because I find the creation of personal wealth so very easy myself, basically, I just tell others how to do it.

The Courage to Confront

This aricle explores the need for individuals to learn to confront the challenges and problems posed by life’s difficulties.

Your Wealth And Health Are A Choice, Choose Wisely

What is the difference between luck and chance? When 12 people go out and buy a lottery ticket, they all have an equal chance of winning. Nothing can change our chance of winning. Our luck on the other hand can be changed based on our actions. I am never luck at the lottery, because I never buy a ticket!

The Ship Without a Rudder

The only thing which needs to happen for our life to change for the better… is us- we need to happen.

Motivation Close at Hand

Looking for motivation? One of the easiest things to change is our environment, and there’s a particular part of our environment that affects us more than others…

Here Is Why You Are Expendable to Any Employer!

If you don’t do or perform the way they want you to, there is someone waiting for you to fail just to take your spot.. and they all know this.

Take Responsibility For Your Success

This article from Motivational Speaker Mark Black, contains helpful tips on how to take control of your life and achieve your dreams.

Seven Steps To Staying Motivated

Stop Being Negative – Scientists estimate that we have 40,000-60,000 thoughts per day, how many of yours are negative? The most important person you communicate with each day is yourself. What do you have to say? Try this experiment.

Success Strategies – Faith And Belief

Faith and Belief are an integral part of being successful in any endeavor. Understanding this concept can mean the difference between failure and success. What exactly is Faith? What is the difference between faith and belief? Let’s take a look.

Ace’s Insights-No Words For That Now!

Ah but I was so much older then- I’m younger than that now…

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