WHEN YOU FEEL BROKEN | Motivational Speech Compilation

Fear Kills the Dreamer

Dreamers need to think that the impossible is possible. Fear crawls in and kills that hope. Dare to dream, and dare to allow those around you the same freedom. You will find that the impossible becomes the ordinary.

Staying Focused – 10 Things I Have Learned From the Life of Joseph

Few individuals have the ability or tenacity of purpose to experience one bad experience after another and still remain focused on the fact that it is not over until they win. Such was the resilience that Joseph had from the time he was sold in slavery by his jealous brothers to his ascendancy to power in Pharaoh’s court in Egypt. There are deep and profound lessons from the story of Joseph’s tribulation to triumph “drama.”

Visualise a Better You

Learning to think in such a way that you can actually visualise a better you can make such a huge difference when it comes to turning your life around. If you believe it you can achieve it, therefore you need to start thinking of yourself as being the best version of yourself before it has even happened.

Use Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

The mind is very powerful. Did you know that you can use your thoughts to make a better life yourself? Your thoughts are a reflection of your life. Therefore if you think negative your life will be negative. Therefore keep working hard to change the way you think and you will see a difference in your life.

Inspirational Leaders Are Persistent

If you want to be inspirational, you have to be inspired. And to be inspired, you have to be able to see yourself as a success, which will only happen through persistence. So don’t quit trying. You’re going to succeed. You may not have the opportunity or calling for the sort of heroism displayed by the likes of Sal Giunta… but in your own little circle you can do great things.

How to Motivate Yourself to Success – The Reward Versus Punishment Syndrome

When it comes to learning how to motivate yourself to success, which is better? Using rewards or punishment? Is one better than the other? Will rewarding yourself when you succeed produce better results than punishing yourself when you fail? You might be surprised at the answer, but the truth is that both will cause you to struggle more than you need to.

Remaining Self-Motivated Throughout

Motivation has a great effect on people. Sometimes, we may not get it from others so we must learn to get it from within ourselves. For us to be able to be effective, we must find things that would keep us motivated. Read this article for more info about it.

The Magical Island of Ideal

Many people are dominated by a powerful fantasy and they usually have no idea about it or the way it affects their behavior. It often lies behind difficulties with procrastination, the inability to follow-through, apparent lack of motivation and many other problems. It has to do with the ideal life, the one these individuals feel that they should be leading.

Procrastination Leads to Frustration!

What will happen if you can’t get that job done by Monday? Will you get yelled at? Will they fire you? Do you see yourself as a procrastinator who can’t get jobs and projects done? If you do, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to change it? Do you care? Read on for some tips to deal with the problem and learn to fix it!

Are You Locked Up On The Job? Having A Clear VISION Will Provide You With The Needed Escape

If someone asked you whether or not you’ve ever been incarcerated what would you say? According to a recent survey only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. So a whopping 55 percent of Americans are reporting to a job they are unhappy with. That 55 percent are doing time on the job.

Are You Masking Yourself? Or Are You Being You?

You are molding yourself to fit others liking and this is wearing a mask. Pretending to be someone that you are not. You may not say what you want to say because of what others think. I’ve been reflecting on this and many people have worn mask for years and they put a lot of effort into becoming what they think others want them to be…

Useful Tips – How to Attract Success

There is a decision for every individual to make. And that is whether to become successful in life or not. There is no hard and fast rule as to how to achieve success but you might like to follow few tips, given below, to attract more success.

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