WHEN YOU FEEL BROKEN – Motivational Speech

The Law Of Attraction And How It Can Acquire You More Money

Life is what we make it. This hold every truth to man’s everyday struggles. People do not understand this fairly simple concept for they have already been blinded and hurt by the pain of relentless human struggles. This is why some people find it so hard to make the Law of Attraction work for them. Their minds are clouded with misconceptions that they find it difficult to make sense of the things which are happening to them.

The Best Way To Live – God’s Way!

I have once found myself in extreme pressures to know who God really is, how He came to be and what made Him God. I was a little boy then and could not really understand that God is not part of the world that has been made. Rather He is the One who made all things, so He has never been made.

What Are You Running From, and To, and Why?

“All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why,” said James Thurber. Imagine how the world would open up for us if we answered these questions!

Do You Believe in Santa?

If you grew up in a home that celebrated Christmas, then you probably remember how old you were when you found out the so called “truth:” There was no Santa. How old were you when someone gave you this news?

Increase Your Productivity Through Your Night Habits

We all want to have productive days, especially those of us in Business or in one of the Arts. However, sometimes it seems there is just not enough time to get all we want done. Believe it or not you can increase your productivity by following some simple rules the night before.

Discovering the Science of Getting Rich

Without a doubt, to get rich is everyone’s business. Everyone craves to know the secret behind the success of other people. Certainly, there is a science of getting rich. The acquisition of wealth, power, prestige and other forms of riches are govern by laws – laws which when learned and applied all together can make man rich.

Don’t Listen to Critics

The key to joy is to stay away from ‘parachute’, don’t listen to their negativity. Be uplifted, spend more time with ”hot air balloon’. Everyone loves an encourager, look for opportunities to be someone ‘hot air balloon”.

Achieve Success in Life – Just Do It!

If you find yourself wondering if you will ever achieve success in life, don’t give up on yourself just yet. It’s never over until it is over — maybe you just need to change the point from which you view.

Applaud Yourself – Three Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Funk And Get Things Done

Have you ever been in a situation at work when it is around 3:00 p.m. and all you can do is stare at your computer screen typically bored out of your mind. More than likely there is work to get done, but you have no idea where to start, so you just sit there in your rut. I have found three simple ways that help me to get out of the funk, and start getting things done.

How to Live a Motivated and Inspired Life

If you are reading this then I am going to take it that you want to achieve the most out of your life. And secondly, you are wanting to know how to do that. I have always had a drive in me to live a motivated and inspired life. It hasn’t always been easy but it is possible. Here are a few things that I have learned along the way that hopefully will help you along the way as well.

How Positive People Can Motivate You to Better Handle Your Stress

When you are feeling overwhelmed by work, problems, details, bills, worries, help yourself through the stressful situations and by making the journey a little more enjoyable. Believe it or not, there is a simple solution to making that happen.

True to Yourself in the New Year

This article reminds all readers that they will live their most fulfilled and complete lives if they choose to be true to who they really are. Accepting who you are is first, then living out your destiny follows. Your destiny is calling, it’s time to answer!

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