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Our Leisure Time Choices

“The Choices We Make Determine Our Destiny” is a quote by Thomas S. Monson. Our day’s activities are pretty much taken up with 4 activities: working, sleeping, eating, and relaxing.

Finding Your Passion When You Are 40 Or Older

You are never too old. If you want to change careers, try something new or simply take it slow and smell the roses, this is your time. The only time that it is too late is when you are dead.

3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Talent

If you have a dream or talent that makes you happy, it is time to pursue it. Even if you don’t make a living from it, it will lead to a happier you.

Our Cheerleaders

All of us each and every one require supporters. Start looking in and around you. If you don’t think you could have any supporters with you think again. Regardless of whether it is adverse cheerleading that may be occurring 98% of us have got supporters surrounding us.

Dreams For Motivation

Dreams have a unique ability to motivate us. As children we dream freely. But, we lose our ability to do so in our later lives. If we dream more we find that our motivation levels have also gone up. This article highlights this very important, yet simple reality.

When All Else Fails

Getting what you want involves being deliberate and focused with your intentions. You get clear, you get excited, you take inspired action, and things manifest. And then sometimes life whacks you with a wet fish that knocks you flat.

Expand Your Comfort Zone and Increase Your Possibilities

Individuals with positive, well adjusted attitudes work at stretching their comfort zone. It can be your closest ally or your most bitter enemy.

A New Conversation With Men – How the Blockbuster Movie, Avatar Relates to the Men’s Movement

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for movies. What began as a source of pure entertainment has now evolved into a philosophical and spiritual exercise in personal growth and awareness. I have come to recognize that movies are simply metaphors for life and when viewed from this perspective they can provide lessons and insights that assist us in discovering who we really are.

Use it Or You Lose It

Years ago, I met with many successful people who represented a variety of industries. My objective was to discover the positive attitudes that were predominant in these individuals. I later wrote and presented my second video program based on the information gathered. These ten most predominant attitudes are not presented in any particular priority in the articles that will follow. You will prioritize which ones are more important to you.

How to Make Fire – And Succeed in Life

Why do some people persevere whilst other seem to give up easily? Is there a kind of magic about the people who never seem to quit? This article is about becoming more resilient, more able to stick with something when it gets difficult. people who persevere are not gifted, they have simply learned when to quit and start again.

Motivation in the Form of Video Games – What Can We Learn?

Even if you don’t play video games, there’s a lesson to learn here. Microsoft caught on to it with their latest gaming console and is making big money on it. Learn what it is, how it applies to you and how you can apply it further.

The Hardest Advice to Follow – Your Own

Why is it that we can give others advice but not follow our own? Is it that the advice is no good? Or do you just not trust the source?

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