Who You Become Along The Way – An Inspirational Speech

Not Giving Up, Not Giving In

Not every effort we make gets the appropriate human recognition. We may well be in the lap of God’s will even when we’re ignored, unappreciated, even disliked. But the ‘effort worthy of reward’ is pleasing to God and there is an abundance to look forward to. Let’s not give up (Galatians 6:9). God wills us to keep up our effort; to keep trying, where He has placed us.

The BOOM!Erang Effect

Everything we do and everyone we meet is for a reason and a purpose. It may not be the reason or purpose we initially intended, but it will all make sense when we least expect it. Learn to trust The BOOM!erang Effect.

When God Turns Our Waste Into His Glory

It’s astoundingly encouraging for the many that have seemingly wasted significant portions of their lives to know that God has a plan to use those so-called wasted years. Indeed, what could have been considered in other terms, a waste, is actually considered fuel for the journey and the consummate reason for the call of God on our lives.

Ego – Is Yours Stealing Your Inner Peace?

Ego – we all have one, the problem is it contributes to your stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, regret or contributes to your inner peace. What’s the difference? Well when it’s under control it helps us get through life with contentment, success and little stress. When it’s out of control it is the cause of every negative emotion and most negative circumstances. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Never Look At An Apparent Situation As Final

Appearances of finality are never really final when it comes to temporary failure for somehow later in the existence of a situation, there is always a chance to succeed. Sometimes appearances of failure may look or feel final, but, in the final analysis, as existence never ends there almost always is another genuinely viable chance after that failure.

Can’t Keep Up? 3 Simple Ways to Tame Your Big Scary Goals

If you are interested in greater inner peace and overall well-being, doing a little bit every day to work toward achieving your dreams is a better choice than getting in a big 2-hour chunk once a week. Here are 3 simple steps that you can do now which are designed to help guide you in taking small steps toward your dreams and goals.

Are You Using The 7 Step “What Would Victory Do” Process In Your Life?

What do I mean by being purposeful? I believe that everything we’ve ever experienced, whether it’s good/bad, positive/negative has all been in service to us fully expressing our Soul’s Purpose. I believe that the “universe leaves clues” every step of the way and that if we’re open to receive them, we can experience tremendous synchronicity, ease and flow. But if we’re consciously or subconsciously not open to receive them, or we’re knowingly or unknowingly blocked from receiving them, that’s when we experience struggle, hardship, restlessness and discontent. Which sometimes shows up as the proverbial “2 x 4 across the forehead”. While it appears we weren’t always given the exact roadmap to follow to fulfill our Soul’s Purpose, I believe we’ve been given many markers and signposts along the way. And those signs can be either very subtle or very… well, not.

It’s Time To Step Out of The Shadows and Shine

Hey! I’m talking to YOU!! It’s time to step out of the shadows and start to shine!! There’s an exciting world out there with a lot to offer. You know you want a part of it, what are you waiting for?

When Your Mind Says Yes But Your Body Says No

Ever have those days when you have a gazillion things to do and your body simply doesn’t want to move? Or your mind is racing and you’re checking items off your to-do list all while sitting or laying down? First, let me tell you that you are not alone.

Is It Good To Make Fun Of Others?

In this world, no person is fully perfect and complete. In fact, we all are incomplete from one side or the other. Seeing the shortcomings of others, we should not make fun of them. It is not a good habit.

What Makes You Special?

If you want to invite success, meaning and fulfilment into your life, is to play to your core competencies. You can and never will be great at anything, which is not in your area of strength. Break the notion that you should work on your weaknesses.

Why Your Motivation Doesn’t Stick Around

Motivation, like luck, is a very fickle lover. You’re highly motivated, moving forward at warp speed with everything going your way and never even notice Mistress Motivation slipping out the back door…

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