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Training Can Give You a Competitive Advantage in Customer Service

Recently at one of the grocery stores I frequent, I noticed three examples of what I would consider areas for course-correction in improving the customer experience. In every instance a little employee training could easily translate to a competitive advantage. Listed below are three opportunities for course correction via training and development.

Beating the Fear of Failure

Our fears, particularly the fear of failure can be a major impediment to going after our goals with full conviction. This fear stops us dead in our tracks and prevents us from even attempting our goals not to talk of accomplishing them. While fear in itself is not necessarily bad as it is an indication that we are stretching ourselves, moving out of our comfort zone to the next level, and taking an active step towards our dreams; it becomes a problem if it is dwelled on too long and not actively dealt with.

The Success Strategy

99% of the success stories we hear about often began as a goal in the mind of the individual. No matter what our aspirations are – financial security, better relationships, career growth, great health and so on, they will never be realised until our point of departure is crystal clear goal of EXACTLY what we wish to achieve.

Principles Of Affirmations

Firstly, the affirmation must be phrased as if it were happening now. It should be phrased in the present tense and not in the future tense. An affirmation phrased in the present gives the brain far more impetus to act immediately as it fools the brain into believing that the event is occurring in the present; while an affirmation phrased in the future tense creates a sense that “It is still yet to happen”.

Motivation Of Athletes In Their Teen Years

The motivation of athletes during the teen years is not a magic formula where the solution is somehow bestowed upon the young person. It is a process based upon successful experience over a period of time. The process is so basic, yet so powerful it shines as one of humankinds most elemental forces. The first and foremost attribute in the motivation of athletes is to insure that the athletic activity is fun. This sounds too simple, but if it is not enjoyable it would not make much sense to pursue it. Pleasure in accomplishment and victory provides everyone the joy of knowing the task was completed in a positive way.

Grudges In A Family

Grudges in a family is an article based on Asian point of view. It describes how grudges take place among family members and how they affect a family.

Developing A Can-Do Attitude

Developing and maintaining a successful attitude requires believing that every situation has a solution and every challenge can be overcome; and believing that YOU have the power to find the solution and overcome the challenge. Unless you believe in yourself, no one else will and that’s a fact. Unless you believe that you can overcome the challenge, no matter how difficult, the challenge will remain and you stay a victim. As long as you keep looking outside of yourself for a solution, nothing will change. As long as you keep expecting the solution to fall on your lap or for someone to hand the answer to you, you will remain exactly where you are. The only way to successfully overcome any challenge and achieve ANY goal in life is to you believe in yourself and develop a “get-off-your-butt-and-do-it” attitude.

How to Improve Self Belief

Every single accomplishment in life begins at the same place – belief. Every achievement was preceded by the belief that the accomplishment was possible as well the belief by the achiever that he or she had what it took to achieve such a dream. Without belief, even the most uninspiring of dreams remain unfulfilled; yet with belief, true belief, many men have achieved what most would have at some point considered impossible. Belief is the key. Belief is the differentiator.

Living in the Moment!

This article highlights the importance of living in the present rather than compromising on it in view of one’s prospective future. A real-life incident has inspired the thought process.

Diligent Dreamers – Blessed of All

IT IS ENTIRELY conceivable for the dreamer who has diligence to make of the future an accurate representation of their imaginations. They see no limit and they chase the dream unswervingly, and they chase it with such passion, that, along the way, as the dream changes, they adapt to encapsulate the newer visions.

Non-Judgment: A Principle for Living and Life

A Unitarian Church allowed me to speak from their pulpit on a glorious spring morning. It was the season of renewal, and my topic was non-judgment. It was a reasonable subject for a group such as this, which was bound by a common agreement of open-mindedness.

Give Me Liberty (From Fear of Failure) Or Give Me Death (Complacency)!

Are you one of those that believes failure should be avoided at all costs? Are you too comfortable in your current situation? There are two things worse than failure, (short of death) that are more harmful to you. See what they are and how to handle them in this article..

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