Why Scientific Achievements Might ACTUALLY Be USELESS for Humans | Richard Dawkins

Stop Procrastinating and Decide

Procrastination is the enemy of decision making. Make your mind up and take action.

What Engagement Looks Like

How do you know if you’re engaged at work? Here are a few sign posts that might help. You know you’re engaged at work when you…

More Discipline Or Regrets Later On?

It takes tremendous discipline to do what others choose not to do. Discipline to turn off the TV and read some material which will help you to grow, teach you new skills or expand your mindset. Discipline to leave a party early because you made a commitment to yourself to wake at a certain hour for meditation and exercise.

The Higher Purpose of Pain – A Liberating Truth

Do you suffer? Emotional and physical pain is a part of life that we often hate. We wish we could eliminate it but we also realize that doing so might not be practical. Practical or not, there is a higher purpose. And it’s tremendously liberating!

Look Before You Leap – Ten Conditions For Successfully Motivating For Change

Often, well-meaning motivation-for-change processes either fail, or cause more problems than they solve. More distressing is when a motivation method that worked well in one situation, fails in another. This article is based upon Spiral Dynamics, and is intended to inspire change agents to look a bit more carefully before they leap enthusiastically into the chasm of motivating for change.

Motivation Tips – Discover Your Key Motivators

Do you ever sit back and create a path or goals for yourself, but just aren’t finding the right motivators to achieve them? Are you struggling at balancing all that life has to offer, never mind the fact that you want to experience new things you just don’t have time for? Now is the time to do those things you’ve always wanted and achieve that “someday” you’ve been after. The following motivation tips will jump start your progress towards achieving those wishes and wants you’ve always desired.

The Power of Reward

Most companies recognize the power of reward. Stores offer free rewards for shopping in their store via a rewards card. Credit card companies offer all kinds of rewards for using their credit card. Consumers are responsive to the offer of rewards that’s why so many companies use them.

Phone Call Procrastination – The Beast That Eats Your Rainbow

Simple procrastination… simple failure to achieve our dreams might have been best said by Ben Franklin: “You may delay, but time will not.” The term, procrastination, that insidious, caustic term reminds us of our weak kneed fear of something, our inability to do something we desperately need to do.

How to Create More Passion For Your Life and Work

Confucious said: “He who builds business around passion, never has to work again.” It was true then (almost 5,000 years ago), and it’s still true today, if not truer!

Top Ten Motivational, Inspirational Quotes

I’ve looked all over the web for quotes, and the truth is my favorite motivational, inspirational quotes certainly do change over time. Right now, I’m very motivated and inspired to make some changes in my life — and you should be too.

Motivational Quotes of the Day – Why You Should Use Them

Let’s get right to the point – daily motivational quotes work, and they work extremely well. Listed below I’ll discuss why they work so well, and resources for you to find your own quotes to motivate you daily.

Keep Yourself Motivated

How do you keep yourself motivated and productive when you work at home? There are a multitude of distractions when you work at home; the family schedule, the daily household tasks that are screaming for attention, the TV, etc. We live in a very noisy world, so how do you shut out the noise and focus on what makes you money in the midst of it all?

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