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Why Do We Get Unmotivated?

Yes, we all lose interest or focus after a while. That’s why there are industrial laws stating we need a break at work after a certain number of hours. Our brain also can only concentrate for a while, before our attention span peters out.

Every Day is Exactly the Same – Nine Inch Nails

Far too often work becomes repetitive and mundane- the same old same old. Why does the excitement of a new job, position or project wear off so quickly? Where does the passion go?

Boost Employees Morale and Become More Successful With Motivational Quotes

A person’s words can be the most powerful and effective tool in any business, school, work, or home situation. Famous people’s words of wisdom have been used for centuries to motivate people and present new ideas. If used correctly, witty quotes can be a positive reinforcement to your point and help people understand and remember what was said during a meeting or presentation.

Sure Handed Ways to Overcome Procrastinating

We all procrastinate at times, whether at home or at work. We try our best to avoid it but there’s times it simply gets the better of us. Although we feel powerless to resist procrastination, there are some things that you can try.

Lunch at the Brock – I’ll Have a Side of Motivational Tips Please!

Meghan took a nibble of her shrimp cocktail then dabbed her lips with a gold linen napkin, leaving a detailed rose lipstick stain. She crumpled the napkin in her first and released it beside her plate. “I shouldn’t have taken this management job,” she pleated. “I hate being responsible for what other people do, it seems as though I’m always to blame when they lose focus.” A Tiffany’s platinum wedding ring flashed on her left hand as she tucked a strand of golden locks behind her ear. “I suppose you’re going to tell me I need to be more motivational?”

Reaching Your Goals Through the Paths to Self-Motivation

So, you’re having problems staying motivated? Your feeling dragged down, the weather is cold and leaving you depressed, or perhaps it’s hot in your neighborhood, leaving you bummed about not being able to enjoy the nice weather. You’d hate to go spend another day at the office in that boring cubicle where you are underpaid and under-minded.

Are You Staying Focused?

Spring is almost here. You can feel it in the air. With spring all kinds of reasons to put off working your business come to light.

Your Un-Comfort Zone

Remember the last time you watched a baby learning to crawl or a toddler learning to walk? Or kids at a playground playing on new equipment?

Great Ways to Counter Procrastination

Although most of us like to think of ourselves as strong and decisive people, there are times when procrastination rears its ugly head and there is nothing we can do about it. I have a few tips for dealing with those times. Like any character flaw that you want to rectify, you must first admit that you are a procrastinator.

Making an Impact in the Decade to Come!

Your present circumstances are in NO WAY an indication of what you are truly capable of accomplishing. You have the power, opportunity, and responsibility to make an impact, to make a difference, to shape your future…and the lives of others.

How to Stay in Balance – Part 2

In Part 2 of How to stay in balance the expert author will help you focus on what is really important to you. The balance you seek is in your hands. This article will help you take a giant step in the right direction.

How to Stay Focused and Persistent

How about your computer? Your mind is the most powerful computer there is. You want to program your computer with good information so you get good information out. In this article the expert author shows you how to stay focused and persistent.

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