WIN THIS YEAR – 2021 New Year Motivational Video

The Chain And Its Weakest Link (Dry Bones In The Valley)

I never met him, but my very late, Great Uncle Reverend Tolbert Owens, according to my Mother and through my Mother’s stories about him used to preach an old sermon called “Dry Bones in the Valley” which she recited verbatim for me every couple of years, and always ended with “there is not any greater friend than the Lord”. This is my take on that story.

Get With the Program – The Evolutionary Program

There are many insights that may help you on your path of this spiritual evolution. Below are the Eleven Evolutionary Traits of a NexGen Human. These eleven traits combined create a powerful mindset that then informs a daily practice.

Secret of “Compelling Success”

Franz Kafka is considered one of the most creative and influential writers of the 20th century. Unbelievingly, he spent most of his time working as a lawyer for the Workers Accident Insurance Institute! Then, how on earth did Kafka produce such fantastic creative works while doing his job?

The No 1 Reason For Lack of Motivation

Everyone struggles with motivation from time to time (or more often than not for some!), but there is only one thing between you and taking the action necessary to live the life you want, and that’s your mindset. Maybe you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself to do something simple with little consequence, perhaps doing the washing up, taking the trash out or cleaning the car and the world isn’t going to come to…

Being Comfortable With Uncertainty

“If you want to know your past – look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future – look into your present actions,” states the Chinese Proverb. Reality is filled with uncertainty. Seldom do we have an exact picture of the path ahead, so we accept what arises with determined courage.

How To Motivate Yourself – Motivation 101

How do we motivate ourselves so that we can achieve our true potential? This inspiring article, written by one ot the U.K.’s top therapists contains concrete tips on becoming and staying motivated. Follow these pointers and your motivation — and ability to succeed — will really skyrocket.

Ambition – It’s a Matter of Self-Respect

An exploration on the value of ambition. Don’t look back with regret. Ambition can be a crucial component of your self-respect.

Is It Time to Trim and Prune?

Cut It Loose Now? Is there something in your life that is taking up way too much of your time? Do you feel drained, tired, or exhausted by it all? Are you complaining about it, or your life, to anyone who will listen?

4 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

Overwhelm is something that we all encounter. It can be difficult to get out from under when overwhelm hits us like a tidal wave. Our culture is so programmed to be crammed full of activity. When you become clear on your purpose- it is critical to be focused. Overwhelm of how big the work is, can come at you quite often.

Don’t Throw Away Your Life On Someone Else’s Dream

This is a short motivational article about the benefits of choosing to walk “The Road Less Travelled”. The article was inspired by the book by M. Scott Peck – a psychologist who wrote about spiritual growth and human nature. The article aims to inspire and motivate those who have chosen to work for themselves.

Parenting, Managing, Coaching – The Parallels

Learning motivational skills can come from many different aspects of your life, some expected and some unexpected. Having an open mind to learning motivational skills from all aspects of you life becoming an excellent motivator will become second nature.

Find Your Greatness

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” declared William Shakespeare. Helen Keller contracted what is believed to have been meningitis or scarlet fever at the age of 19 months and was left permanently deaf and blind. Her parents knew their chances of finding a teacher to work with her were slim, given their remote location in Alabama. Yet this did not deter her mother, Kate Keller from finding a teacher by the name of Anne Sullivan.

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