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It’s the End of the World – Oh Wait Never Mind!

May 21st 6pm CST came and went and guess what, the world didn’t end, the rapture didn’t happen and there was no giant earthquake that consumed the earth.  Although some were completely surprised to still be here on earth, the vast majority of the world isn’t and is laughing at those people.

4 Tips For How to Increase Productivity

Being an affiliate marketer, I’m completely 100% self employed. This is a great thing; I get to set my hours, travel when I want, work from where I want to, and I decide what I want to promote and how I want to promote it so it never gets dull; I’m my own boss. But having no one managing you can cause some issues, as well, because it’s much easier to slack off if you aren’t skilled at disciplining yourself. I’ve had this problem myself, so I came up with the following 4 ways of how to increase productivity in yourself.

Let Love Flower As Your True Nature

It’s not the loving that creates the pain; it’s our attachment, our pre-conceived idea, what we want from that person and not receiving that which creates that suffering. So I say, if you really are seeking to love at the next level, if you’re really seeking to unleash the lover inside of you and be whom you truly are, let go of the expectation. Just love simply because that is your commitment. Love fully; simply because that is your practice and what you’re committed to regardless of what anyone else does. So on one level I’m saying love because that’s what you’re about!

What IS Lack of Motivation, Really?

I’ve noticed something I was calling “lack of motivation” in myself lately, and wonder about it, as it seems unlike me. Am I blocked? Am I resting? Am I waiting? Am I finished? Is Saturn sitting on one of my major aspects? I decided to do some direct writing about it, to see what hidden influences and insights might be involved. What IS lack of motivation?

What Is Motivational Speech and How to Become A Motivational Speaker

Motivational speeches are something that inspire groups of people to change for the better. Motivational speakers may act as catalysts to positive change in our society. They often speak publicly on behalf of a company or an organization and help them to attain their objectives.

Let’s Stop Worrying And Start Living

Are you having problems at home? Bills pulling up? Having trouble finding work?

Learn the Motivation 50-50 Rule

This is a great rule to think on when trying to figure out the optimum way to get motivated. I came across it while researching personal development a few times and I think its an awesome idea and needs to be shared.

Hey, It’s a Living

If you’re not living the life of your dreams right now, it’s not because you don’t know how. There’s a good chance you know exactly what it is that you love to do. It’s that thing that feels totally natural. The thing you do that you feel like you could do all day, every day and never get tired of. When you do it, that’s when your true talent and unique gifts are being used to their fullest.

No Matter What

There are many things in life we wish we could change. We may not like the job we have. We may be upset about a relationship that has gone bad. We may have health issues we would like to improve. We may be so far in debt, we don’t know how it happened and can’t seem to figure out how to get out of it so we just continue to borrow money.

Maintaining Your Focus

Staying focused is a matter of discipline and reminding yourself of what needs to be done. I order to achieve certain goals that tasks need to be completed, all those little baby steps along the way that make up your journey.

Creating Your Life Change – What Do You Need To Look at Doing To Make It Happen?

Creating a life change can be a liberating moment, or period of time. You deserve the very best life has to offer and having the right attitude is a great first step.

Life Change – The Thinking Behind the Process

Life change is something many of us want to do at some stage of our lives, but we are often not clear on what we want, or scared of actually doing it. I explain the thought process and provide some ideas to help you work out what you want.

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