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I Shall Not Pass This Way Again

I recommend making a giving and caring attitude as an excellent lifestyle. It is really so simple to be nice and it is so difficult and tiring to be hateful and hurtful and carry deep-seeded resentment. After all, you pass this way but once.

How Far Into Life Are You?

Do you every think about that? How much more time do you have on this the (1) earth? How much life is left for me? Michael Jackson’s life ended at the young age of 50. That means at age 25 he was half way thru his life.

The Power of Mindful Action

The Master once asked his disciples which was more important: wisdom or action. The disciples were unanimous: “Action, of course. Of what use is wisdom that does not show itself in action?” Said the Master, “And of what use is action that proceeds from an unenlightened heart?” Tony de Mello’s fable highlights that deliberate action emanates from an awakened mind and pure heart. Mindful action unfolds when we are present in the moment, not elsewhere absorbed in runaway thoughts.

Putting Action Into Your Ideas

1. Be dissatisfied. You can’t remain complacent about your situation.

Rouse and Shine

Ever notice how we sometimes need something dramatic to happen in our lives to get us motivated and moving in the right direction? This may help you get moving in your life, but also in the right direction and for the right reason.

The Power Of Being Brave

A young child perched atop a house saw a wolf passing under him. He immediately began to revile and attack his enemy. “Murderer and thief,” he cried, “what business do you have here, near honest folks’ houses? “How dare you come here where your vile deeds are known?” The wolf replied, “Curse away, my young friend, I have every right to be here.”

My Thoughts on Procrastination

This is a tough topic to discuss because right now as I’m writing this I’m procrastinating. I could be researching and writing my eBook on drop shipping, improving my eBook on car camping, or beginning to write any other eBook on one of the topics I am knowledgeable and passionate about. I could also be brainstorming which niche I want to create a website for next. I could be researching domain names, planning a marketing calendar for November, I could be doing social media blasts. If I really wanted to I could go somewhere and film a talking-head video about whichever topic I wanted to. I could also go set up a tripod and film myself skateboarding. I could literally be doing a million different pro-active things right now, but instead I’m writing a blog about why I’m not.

To Win at Life: Be Solution Oriented Rather Than Blame Fixated

When something goes wrong, it can be very satisfying to say, “Well, it’s so-and-so’s fault, if he’d just get with it, this wouldn’t have happened,” or “I know I’m late, but it’s not my fault the car broke down.” True, it’s not your fault, but if you stop there, you’ve just declared yourself a loser. Yes!

How To Get To The Top Of Your Mountain

In the last few days here in Canada, Canadians voted and saw a big change. What is this change? The election of a new prime minister. Now why was change so big and important to citizens this year?

Why You Need These 3 Quotes When You Are Low on Passion

How many times were you told as a child that you must not accept failure, that you must push forward and make the grades? There is no room for failure…

Can We Please Stop With the Excuses?

Not too long ago I read a post by the wise Mark Manson entitled, “Screw Finding Your Passion.” If you’re out there thinking that you’re still looking to find your passion, I invite you to read his piece and understand how you already know what it is, but are making excuses. You’re not prioritizing what makes you, YOU.

Cross the Finish Line! 5 Secrets to Getting & Staying Motivated

You had a great idea, plan, or goal and were so enthusiastic about it. But as time went on fear and doubt started to creep into your mind. Staying motivated is a huge challenge for most people, because it’s so easy to get off track.

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