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Behind the Mind – Selfish Vs Self-Centered

I have seen all types and styles of sales training and techniques. But, the truth is, there are only two types of trainings that can ever be given to a sales team to improve closing ratios (the number of presentations made vs. the number of sales made). The first is product (or service) training and the second is personal development training.

What’s Really Happening When You Feel a Sense of Loss?

We miss the person but don’t feel any loss of our essential self. Because our sense of self isn’t affected by a person’s absence, we can miss them greatly. But our profound sadness never takes away from our own joy of being. The two sit side by side, neither canceling the other out.

The Cold Stove Made Hot

Some think, if they do it first to me or for me, then I will respond or “first supply the heat to the stove, then I will supply the wood.” That is wrong; dead wrong, life and existence as a law does not work that way.

Removing Negative People From Your Life

As part of an elite group of motivational college speakers, I often discuss the power of changing our surroundings. There are two key factors that hold us back in life: Negative people and negative beliefs. This article will focus on removing negative people from our life in order to create a more positive environment to succeed.

Replacing Your Negative Beliefs

High school motivational speakers often talk about success, but rarely mention that we need to change our beliefs in order to achieve great success. Our beliefs about ourselves are what determine the types of outcomes we have in life. Don’t have what you really want in life? It’s because your beliefs haven’t allowed you to get there. Some beliefs are going to empower you, some are going to be negative, and some will not really have any effect either way.

Have You Found Your Passions?

As a college motivational speaker, people often ask how and why I chose this path, so here is a teaser. Before even entering college, my parents had saved up enough money to fully pay for me to go to college.

Why Don’t You Have Everything You Want?

In my experience, motivational college speakers always talk about what one wants, but rarely do they ask why one doesn’t have all of those things right now. I think there are two types of barriers that hold us back: mental barriers and environmental barriers.

The Law Of Attraction, Motivation and Action

Don’t make a plan. Just start acting and see how The Law of Attraction will improve your life. Too many people tell you do start with a plan, but very few act on the plan.

Top Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is when you replace any high-priority actions with low priority actions instead, and we all do it from time to time. The problem with procrastination is when it becomes habitual and parts of your life begin to suffer.

Unleash the Incredible Hulk Inside of You

It’s surprising that nowadays people still remain skeptical about the power of the human spirit. Books like The Secret and The Power of Positive Thinking have done little to change people’s minds. Michelangelo, Amelia Earhart and Graham Bell are examples of driven individuals with an indomitable spirit within who kept pushing towards their goals regardless of any obstacles. Some may feel that only those who are born special actually achieve greatness, but that is just not the case. Some highly successful people did not start out as masters of their craft immediately, but they dedicated themselves and put in tremendous hard work before they reaped the rewards. The great Michael Jordan practiced for endless hours before he unleashed the genius inside of him.

17 Steps To Self Motivation

The first step of a successful venture is to take time and careful planning. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

What Is Motivation, And How We Can Turn It On

We have all been highly motivated in our lives. Let’s look at how we can turn it on more often.

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