Working Harder Will NOT Make You More PRODUCTIVE! | Robin Sharma | #Shorts

How to Think Like a Million Dollar Business Owner

Have you ever wondered how a Million Dollar passion-inspired Solopreneur thinks? What business coaching training beliefs they hold that has taken them to this level of success?

How to Leave the Past Behind

Does the past haunt you? Would you like to live your life free of the past? Here is a simple way to do just that!

Find Your Life Passion Now That You’re Near Retirement

If you are nearing retirement, do you want to sit and wait for death to come knocking at your door, or fulfill a life’s passion. I say go for the gold!

Live in the Moment With Courage and Perseverance

Do not dwell in the past, do not fret about the future, instead, focus on the present. Learn to express your self either through face to face conversations, phone calls, emails, blogs, creating your own website, discussion forums, Twitter or Facebook. The world is open to what you have to contribute.

What is Keeping You Stuck? A Powerful Tool For Creating Forward Movement

Should keeps us stuck. It sucks away our productive energy. It diminishes our confidence in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Factors That Determine Motivation Levels

I think that sometimes, pure desire isn’t enough to motivate people to do things. If it was, then everyone would do everything they wanted. I feel that motivation is a matter of whether the “do it” forces outweigh the “what’s stopping you” ones.

What You See is What You Get

One day in a big farm a pig managed to get out of its corral and rambled through the land down the road. It walked to a place near the stables where there was a big mud pond and splashed in it for a while. Then it poked around and had a feast eating from the natural fertilizer pile and garbage cans close to the big house.

How to End Procrastination Now and Save Your Life

If you want to save the life of someone you care about or even your own, then knowing how to end procrastination now is a vital factor. Losing a loved one due to cancer and procrastination is not something you want to dwell about after they are gone. We may not know how to stop all types of cancer yet, but we can stop procrastinating.

Stop the Excuses – 7 Excuses to Avoid When Focusing on What You Want

The stories that steal our dreams are the excuses we tell ourselves about why we can’t do what we want to do. Unfortunately we hear other people tell the same stories and after a while we truly believe the excuses.

5 Powerful Ways to Take Action With No Hesitation

Let me ask you this: Have you ever given in to hesitation, where you find couldn’t start a task or project, or perhaps couldn’t finish one that you started? Maybe you felt overwhelmed or simply not in the mood? You probably realised that this isn’t getting you anywhere, right?

How to Get Up Earlier

There have been a number of debates recently as to whether rising early is the key to being productive. There are certainly a large number of entrepreneurs and successful people who swear by getting up at a time most of us would consider unreasonable. If you want to take inspiration from these people but are more night owl than lark, then there are a few basic pointers you should follow to make the transition to early rising a little easier.

Finding Motivation For Success

At times we can all feel that we have gotten ourselves into a rut, and it seems that we have completely lost our motivation. Working from home alone it can be notoriously difficult to stay focused. But don’t worry you are not alone in feeling this.

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