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Conflicting Intentions

What stops you from achieving your goals? Is it procrastination? Fear? Laziness? Self-belief? Find out what is REALLY stopping you, and what to do about it.

Self-Motivation is the Best Motivation

What is the motive of our life? What is very purpose of our life? What makes us to wake-up early in the morning and rush for work or college or school? What is that keeps us to continue? Is living – a compulsion? Just because everybody is living…I will also live. What motivates you? 1. Power 2. Position 3. Money 4. Valuable goods and assets 5. Growth 6. Acceptance and Respect 7. Appreciation, rewards and awards

It is Never to Late to Learn

People have several reasons for not pursuing their studies during their early days. After working for some time, however, some of them start to show interest in pursuing their education to a higher level. It should not be too late for them to study a course as long as they have the money, time and opportunity. If they can apply the new knowledge, it is never too late to learn. Besides, with so many distance learning programs available, they can study without having to quit their jobs.

Blast Out Of Your Rut

Blast out of your rut. Start making things happen!

Universal Law-Don’t Quit

It is a Universal Law that if you Don’t Quit, you will reach your goal, no matter where you plan to go. It has been said that Thomas Edison was asked how he felt about failing 100 times in his quest to invent the light bulb. Edison didn’t see his experiments as ‘failures’ he saw them as success—100 ways how not to make a light bulb.

One Easy Step to Change!

Learn to motivate yourself with Affirmations, Intentions and Goals! One easy exercise to help you motivate yourself everday … in only minutes!

How To Turn Shoulds Into Want Tos

I’ve found a way to trick myself– to turn Shoulds into Want Tos. It’s also a good process for any kind of tough decision. Here’s how it goes:

How Women Achieve Goals – 7 Tips to Turn Your Idea Into Reality

Many women have brilliant ideas which remain unfulfilled because of endless talk and inactivity paralysis. Those ideas that you have mused over for years or months need to take some physical shape. The invisible needs to become visible. The intangible needs to become tangible…

Denial Doesn’t Make It So

Just because you choose to ignore reality, doesn’t make it go away. It’s only when you face the facts of your life; that you either decide if you want to keep things the way they are or if you want to improve your circumstances.

Money Doesn’t Matter

Some people say, “Money doesn’t matter.” Oh yes it does! If you didn’t have money you would be homeless. You wouldn’t be able to supply yourself with the basic necessities of life. It’s your belief about and the value you put on money; that will determine whether you have any or not.

The Art of Creating

Begin the proven process in experiencing whatever you desire; by learning the “art of creating” anything in your life; and you will live by design.

When Your Life Hasn’t Turned Out the Way You Wanted

Some day you may wake up and say, “How did I ever get here?” If things haven’t turned out the way you wanted; it doesn’t mean they can’t in your future. Starting right from where you are is the first step in moving closer to where you want to be.

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