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Unleash the Power of Positive Self Talk

It’s a fact that most of us talk to ourselves all day long, it’s like we are in constant mental chatter. But, if this self talk is negative, be it tainted with guilt about our past or anxiety about our future, then this negativity can destroy our future dreams. As it’s our nature to seek personal growth, emotionally, financially, physically; so it’s no doubt our actions are inspired by our thoughts and if we can slightly change the way we think, it will have an impact on our actions too.

10 Things That Will Ensure You Have a Successful Work Day

Start your day on time – Arrive on time – without a panic – as to not throw your day off. Firstly, it looks bad to the boss and colleagues, and secondly, gets you off to a bad start.

Staying Motivated: 3 Surefire Ways To Keep On Track

3 time tested solutions to help you stay on the success track. And to save you from falling off before you get to the finish line.

How to Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Uninspired

We all have those days when we just don’t feel like doing the work associated with achieving our goals, so the question is: How do you get motivated when you’re feeling uninspired? It’s as simple as finding the motivating factor – the thing that will inspire you to take the next step. But what if the thing that normally motivates you isn’t working today – right now when you need it?

Are You Committed to Grow Your Value?

There is so much opportunity out there and abundance all around that even if you are only equipped with a pen to sign contracts, you have a heart filled with determination and a commitment to excel; you can invite great financial well-being into your experience. Yes, of course money or the accumulation of wealth is not everything, but the greater your financial standing, the greater the comfort you will enjoy and the better equipped you will be, to offer philanthropic support to the people around you. The accumulation of wealth is never something to be discouraged, because you…

Your Ability to Influence Others, Is a Crucial Life Skill?

Selling or the ability to positively influence the people around you is a crucial life skill needed by everyone on this planet. The ability to sell is most certainly not limited to only those select few, who have sales professional printed on their business cards. Anyone who wants to succeed in life needs to hone their ability to sell or said differently, improve their ability to positively influence the people around them to help or support them.

Do You Remember?

Today marks the last Monday in May, which in the United States is a federal holiday called Memorial Day. On this day Americans take pause to remember all of those that lost their lives while serving in the military. The tradition traces back to the end of the Civil War, which made me think.

How Committed Are You?

Before any motor race, the drivers of the various cars compete with one another to try to be the fastest during the qualifying rounds, so that they can earn pole position at the start of the race. The driver in pole position starts in the front of the race and does not need to work to try to pass anyone else during the race. He simply needs to hold his position and he or she will win the race.

How Old Are You?

If I asked “How old are you?” you would quickly give me a factual, chronological answer. But what if you really didn’t know? I heard an intriguing question a few days ago and it’s really stuck with me. The answer you give will say quite a bit about you. Specifically it will say a lot about how you see yourself.

If You Can’t Get Rid of the Family Skeleton, You Might As Well Make It Dance

It’s 3:30 on a hot Friday afternoon. The room is stuffy, and we’ve drawn the blinds against the direct sunlight so it’s dark, almost cave-like. The three people I’m with have been conducting job interviews since 9:00 AM, and I’ve been kibitzing, consulting on a way to improve a hiring process that has left the company with a 37 percent yearly turnover rate.

You Do Have What It Takes

Accept that nothing ever happens to you, know and believe in your heart that things happen because of you and you have taken the first step towards living the life you desire and deserve. Once you make this crucial realisation and you accept that the only thing standing between you and the success you desire is “YOU”. The next step is to look around your world and find out what all the successful people around you have done, to achieve their remarkable success and then to find ways of learning what they know, doing what they do…

Dead Easy Productive Habits Required to Be Successful

St Augustine it was who said “Habit if not resisted soon becomes a necessity.” Benjamin Franklin on his part opined that “Each year, one vicious habit rooted out in time ought to make the worst man good.” Tag Short on his part said that “The secret of our success is found in our daily agenda.” Excellence of character is therefore nothing short of excellence of habits.

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