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Learn Something New With Self-Directed Learning and Shift Gears Into a Fulfilled and Successful Life

Do you know that there is a fast and easy way to get a kaleidoscope of colors back into your lackluster daily routine? No, it’s not a trip to the Bahamas, or winning the lottery. It’s right there, 18 inches from your brain, deep down in your heart. That is where your dreams are lurking, waiting to be aroused and revived again! How? By simply taking a step towards developing them! Discover the power of self-directed learning and refresh your daily routine with a vision in your heart and a goal to achieve in the future.

Do You Struggle With Self-Motivation?

How to get motivated and stay motivated is a fascinating and powerful topic that, when understood and properly implemented, can positively change the course of one’s results. Mindset is 99% of the necessary action.

Laziness is an Enemy Within You

Laziness can also be defined as indolence, idleness,inactive and being inert.Procrastination also leads to laziness.Laziness is equated with lust, leading to lethargy. Laziness develops from childhood. A child picks up laziness from his parents. Laziness keeps a person poor. To shed laziness, we need motivation and sustained efforts on our part.

Ten-Figure Guide – What Do You Want – Have You Identified Your Passion?

If you don’t know what you want, how will you know when you find it? If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Being Healthy, Wealthy and Happy

Being a healthy functioning person can actually change the way you think, and can open up your mind to possibilities you’d never thought of previously. It can bring happiness you’ve never felt before, and bring abundance into your life.

Life in Your Looking Glass

What do you see in the Looking Glass of your life? Sometimes it’s good to step back and view what’s going on with ourselves from the outside in. I feel that’s the best way to get a clear perspective of where we are on our journeys, and if its where we want to be.

Your Thoughts Shape Your Destiny

Without naming names, I come from a long line of negative thinkers. As a child, I have no recollection of anyone in my family even attempting to offer any positive reinforcement regarding my future. Oh, except for one time when I was watching the Miss America pageant and my uncle said he thought I would be Miss America someday.

Motivation – The Sure Way of Getting Rid of Stress

Darkness and light has never been in agreement and can never prevail at the same time in any given situation. When Light comes, surely darkness will disappear.

Motivation For Consistency – Consistency Lies in Passion, and Passion in Self-Directed Learning

Just like your physical body through exercise, training and effort can come to the place where it is at maximum performance, your mind and your spirit can also reach their full potential with proper training. But it is not going to happen unless you train them consistently. You don’t just grab your barbells and work out one morning, and then go out and fight that night. Most of us have no trouble running the first 100m of our race. But when the going gets tough, and things don’t turn out the way we expected, we either slow down or give up altogether. So how do we stay on track consistently?

Inner Healing – Reclaim Your Independence

When you search your authentic self for the answers to some of your deepest desires, you learn how to absolve yourself from emotional and psychological traumas of the past. In doing so, you find that inner healing comes easier every day. And with each day, you are one step closer to transforming your life, and one step closer to reclaiming your independence from the blockages of the past.

Example of Turning a Problem Into an Opportunity

Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008, the USA entrant in to the 2008 Miss Universe pageant, provides an excellent example of turning a problem into an Opportunity. She tripped over some beads on her dress during the judging process which would be considered by most as a very embarrassing and unfortunate event. Imagine working for months and maybe years to get to a very important time and event and then something goes terribly wrong in front of millions of viewers!

Motivation Secrets and Motivation Mistakes

Let’s begin the search for motivation by meeting you where you are in your current reality. If you are totally happy and content then it seems fairly obvious that you’ll have no driving desire for change,but at some point you may begin to consider other options and you begin to create a new desired outcome. As this becomes clearer, your mind will begin to notice a gap between your current reality and this new desired outcome. As it works to hold these two different realities at the same time it creates a sort of creative tension. You may recognize this tension to resolve the difference between a desired outcome and current reality as Motivation!

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