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How to Say No

Becoming crazy busy or feeling like you have to take care of a favor are choices, not obligations. And there are two letters that can remedy this situation – N-O. What happens when we only accept the invitations that will better our lives and decline the rest?

Ignorance vs Stupidity

Over coming ignorance so not to look stupid. There are too many people to count that are intelligent yet choose to remain ignorant which makes them appear stupid.

Write a Letter

There is power in the pen. Writing is a wonderful way to share your thoughts and energy with someone else.

Declare Your Day

Take to declaring your own holidays and special days. Why wait for someone else to decide when you can celebrate and what you are celebrating.

5 Most Essential Keys To Self Motivation – Achieve Sensational Success And Master Your Life

No matter how many motivational stories and phrases you listen to the true motivation always comes from within. As the great saying goes- “It’s not what you eat but what you digest that shapes your life”. It would not provide much of help if you listen to hundreds of motivational tapes and never apply it to your life. Therefore eating the information is not enough it’s rather digesting such information which makes the big difference.

Do You Want to be Quoted on That?

Gossip is one of those times where you may not want someone to quote you. If you wouldn’t say it directly to the person, don’t say it behind his or her back.

If It Is Meant To Be, It Takes Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your life is empowering. As long as you blame others for your life, you will not be empowered.

Midlife Career Change – Are You On The Verge of a Midlife Career Change?

A midlife career change will possibly provide a shocker to you as well as your own family. A midlife career change can come when you have found yourself to be jaded or burnt out by the exact same routine you have been performing for years. It is actually a common situation and should not cause too much concern for you or your family.

How To Beat Procrastination – Focus On The When Not The Why

Procrastination has been creativity’s arch enemy since the dawn of man. “Hmm, I really want to do a new cave painting, but I’d need to go and rearrange my bone collection first in size order. And I’ve got a whole stack of mammoth fur loincloths that need ironing…”

Freak University – Part 1

It’s seven forty five Saturday morning and I am doing my best to stay in my current state of being; unconscious, hung-over, stationary, comfortable, horizontal. Unfortunately for me, something or as it would turn out, someone, is destroying my tranquility with incessant thumping on my front door. Every thump is accompanied by a sharp stabbing pain behind my left eye. All of a sudden I’m re-thinking my whole ‘anti-gun’ stance.

Four Fundamental Aspects Regarding Behaviour in the Church of Jesus Christ

Motivation relies so much upon our motives, aims, goals, and desire to be obedient to what really matters. Basic fundamentals principles are essential for responsible motivation. Your motivation will not last long if you neglect these.

Are You A Winner Or A Quitter?

How come some of us are quitters and winners? Is it by choice or were we born like that? Think of your own situation. It may be different in different times. Like when we were younger we might have been more of winners and the older we got the more quitters we became. How is it like that?

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