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Selfless Service

Today we are going to discuss self-less service. For giving joy and happiness, a first criterion is we should have that joy and happiness within us. If we do not have, then how can we distribute it? First we should fill our self with love.

Why Relationships Begin to Die – The Little Prince Series

Daily Insight from the Story of The Little Prince – The most common cause of relationships going wrong is simple neglect. We take people for granted. Whether we are talking about a romantic relationship, our relationships with family members or friends, or our work relationships, we fail to see the absolute wonder of the other person and hence neglect to treasure them.

A Peaceful Passage Through the Holidays

Suppose you and your partner have reached a point on an issue where you are either at loggerheads in terms of a direction to take, or you are having a hard time simply getting along-perhaps even having difficulty being civil to each other. Sit opposite each other, not far apart, eyes open, and gaze into each other’s eyes. No looking away, just gazing steadily. Then begin breathing in a connected way-that is, breathing normally but not pausing between the in-breath and out-breath. Just keep your breath flowing in a steady cycle of in and out without a break. It shouldn’t be at all forced, but quite natural.

From Unemployment To Success

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to God and all mankind to be successful; even very successfully rich. This is not platitudinous in any sense because it is our birthright to have prosperity. However there are steps you shall have to undertake should magical wealth be yours thus enabling you to provide for your hearts desires. You do not want a partial life now do you as I am sure you seek a harmonious life. First off this is not a get rich quick scheme gimmick because to attain massive success commands a particular mindset. Reason being you want to hold on to your success; don’t you?

How To Motivate Yourself To Work

If you’re tired from your job and feeling uninspired, you might find something in this post to motivate you. Here are some helpful tips on how you can drive yourself again to work your best without even trying so hard.

Am I Or Is My Work Tying Me Down?

A funny thing just occurred to me the other night while I was mindlessly chatting with a friend about all things frivolous and meaningless. That I am free. Let me explain what that means before everyone else jumps to the conclusion that I have been spending the last twenty years of my life tweeting and writing from behind bars.

De-Motivation Is a Killer

An organization with de-motivated employees is a company that is in its way to closing its doors. When employees do not enjoy what they are doing, it shows, there is a lack of concern for clients and for co-workers and over time it will show up in the operating performance of the business. Employees that are not happy just go to work to get a paycheck at the end of the month, their performance lags and eventually they will be gone.

Money – Tired of Being Broke? 10 Things That Will Awaken Your Financial Creativity

I desire to move you from your current perception about finances and the impact they have on your life, to a new perspective that respects money. Every year you handle loads and loads of money and the kind of relationship you have with your money determines how much of it you keep. I have always wanted to live just a comfortable life and not necessarily be rich, but I am learning very fast that its either you have money or you don’t. In order to be comfortable you must be rich particularly in nations where the middle class has been eroded resulting in there being either poor or rich people. So I now spend my time developing my capacity to be one who has the things that money can buy and things that money cannot buy. I am investing in myself first then in things. I would like to give you a strong motive to be wealthy instead of just being one who handles money. I would like to challenge your perception by sharing insights, nuggets and reasons why you should be financially creative. I share ten things that will awaken your financial creativity.

Goals – How to Handle Obstacles While Implementing Your Plan

I have had to change my goal implementation plans on several occasions because things where just not working according to plan. Just because you planned doesn’t mean it will work out perfectly. That is why it is critical and crucial to review your goals in order to modify the tactics.I strongly feel that it’s always too soon to quit. Discarding the goal with the tactics, methods that didn’t work is like throwing away the baby with the bath water. Keep the baby, change the water.

Being Criticized Is Not Always a Negative Thing – 10 Power Quotes on Handling Criticism

In order to avoid being criticized or being thought less off is one of the biggest hindrances to implementation of an idea, whether it is an idea that is going to change the world or simply changing a work procedure from what has always been done to something new. I do not look at criticism as something negative; I simply reframe it as feedback. Whether it is positive or negative doesn’t matter, it is still feedback I can use to either affirm that I’m doing the right thing or to refine what I am working on.

Personal Growth – 10 Ways to Feed Your Seed of Greatness

Having discovered that you are on your way to greatness, it is now time to examine your diet. I am not necessarily talking about the food that you eat to keep body and soul together but I’m talking about things that you feed your spirit and your intellect with. Courageous people who are going to be trailblazers, dream – makers and history makers are on a disciplined diet in terms of the information they receive, the media they expose themselves to and the kind of advice they will entertain and implement.

Change – 10 Radical Shift Areas For Your Life

A paradigm shift will occur the day you decide to make a turn – about – face and discard the wrong way of doing things or the way that seems right but is not right. You can either modify things in order to maintain the status quo or you can abandon what is not working and acquire what you really want for you. I am in the process of continuously evaluating whether I am moving forward or regressing. I believe that an individual has more than one defining moment.

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