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What Does It Take to Become a Super Achiever?

As part of my research towards my PHD, I have had the incredible privilege of studying a number of super achievers, from around the world. It has been an excellent opportunity, amazing experience and very fascinating time, during which I have learned much and made a number of very interesting observations. I have spent time observing from both a distance and where I was invited in, as closely as possible, trying to uncover common denominators or pointers, which made these people stand out and become super achievers.

Find Your Genius

You are a genius. You really are!

The Praying Mother!

A Praying mother mothers are pure, faithful and strong.They have hearts of gold. Mothers are excellent and very relevant.A mother who prays can stand up to any challenges.

Just Do It Now!

When do you think the right time to do anything is? As they say in the classics the best time to have planted a tree is 20 years ago. Well what do you do, if you did not plant the tree 20 years ago?

Setting Client Boundaries – 4 Tips for Handling Demanding Clients

The important thing to remember when handling demanding clients is to take sole responsibility for establishing and managing their expectations. Manage them effectively – and everyone will remain on the same page and walk away satisfied.

Secrets To Success: The Starting Point Of All Great Achievements

If you read any great success story, you will see it. Virtually, there is no success story that does not start with this secret to success. This is so because without it, life becomes dry. Without this success secret, no human being would have been able to do anything other than exist through time. It is the ingredient that elevates a man or woman beyond the basic instinct of survival.

Keys To Success: The Magical Secret That Transforms Dreams Into Reality

Life is full of dreamers. This is so because it is natural for us to dream and to hope for something better than what we have. It is a natural gift that allows us to reach out and seek to make things better around the world. Unfortunately though, most of the people in the world usually remain dreamers. In fact, most people usually end up becoming frustrated and miserable simply because they do not take advantage of one success secret.

Secret To Success: It Is Not The Critic, But The Man In The Arena Who Counts

The world is full of people who criticize. It is also full of people who like to comment on how people could have done things differently or on how faulty a plan is. These are the majority of people in the world today. However, what the world lacks are the few men and women who have the courage to go after their dreams and what they want. Men and women who are willing to go to the arena are in short supply in the world today.

Secrets To Success: If You Don’t Know How To Dream, You Are Dead

It is only our dreams that make us alive. Dreams are the songs of your soul and without them; you will really have nothing to live for. Your life will be nothing but a dry routine. If you are not dreaming, you are practically dead. This is so simply because without passion and enthusiasm in your life, all you will be doing is waiting to die.

Into the Mud

About three weeks ago, when the weather rose above freezing and the snow was beginning to melt, I ventured out with my dog Nellie to some nearby woods. At first glance, everything looked fine – we were both excited to get out of the house and to venture into one of our favorite places (not that Nellie goes anywhere much to be picky, the woods are about it!). But, as we got out of the car, I saw the mud!

Happiness Is an Inside Job

Is happiness something out there over which you exert no control at all? Can it be that happiness is something elusive and difficult to find or is it just that you just don’t know how easy it actually is to be happy. Could it be that you don’t accept that happiness is a choice, instead you believe that it is something, which is dependent on extrinsic factors, over which you exert no or very little control at all.

Fear Is an Obstacle, and Is One of The Numerous Reasons Why Many People Do Not Move Forward in Life

Fear is an obstacle, and is one of the numerous reasons why many people do not move forward in life. Fear is a hindrance that must to be dealt with aggressively; fear is also something that must be conquered. Once an individual jumps that hurtle of timidity, he can keep on moving toward to accomplish his desired dreams and goals.

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