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The Pugilist

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. – Muhammad Ali. Life is certainly not a spectator sport. A friend of mine has always said, since we were kids, most of us do not pass through this life unscathed.

3 Ways to Bear the Fear of Failure

Failure – it’s something that happens to even the best of us. Many of history’s greatest minds have experienced failure at one point in their lives and today’s most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs have racked up numerous fails on their resume.

The Real Source Of Influence

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to influence a customer, a supervisor, an employee or a relative the process is the same and there are certain requirements if you want to achieve influential success. But first, why do you want to influence others and are your needs grounded in respect, integrity, compassion and/or noble reasons?

Don’t Pull the Plug

Don’t pull the plug yet. Hold on! You may not be where you intended but you are certainly not where you use to be. Thank God for the little steps. Enjoy the moments on your journey to your destination. The miles are gradually turning into inches. You will get there if you don’t give up. Don’t accept a full stop where God has only placed a comma. Always remember you are a miracle on two feet going somewhere to happen. The world is waiting for your manifestation.

Employee Morale Is An Outcome Of Motivation

Employee morale is a function of many factors both internal (within the individual) and external created by the culture, management style, economic times, uncertainty and whether employees feel validated and valued. During my career having worked with hundreds of clients around the world I have found that when employees feel under stress whether caused by perceived or real issues it seriously impacts morale and why is morale important? To be concise – morale is simply how employees behave towards each other, customers, management and their roles or responsibilities in general.

The Source Of Loneliness

During the holiday season many people feel a dramatic sense of loneliness that can lead to depression, increased stress and a lack of purpose or mission in life. Why is this? Is it due to past mistakes or decisions, expectations, a general lack of purpose in life or something more? I have been lonely. I know many people who suffer or have suffered the negatives of this life condition, but in the end if we are lonely it was, is and always will be due to our own reasons, causes or beliefs and not due to others behavior or actions. You can take issue with this belief, but let me ask you – Have you ever felt lonely? For a few hours or a few years and the reasons are? Blame – a lack of personal responsibility, anger, grief, fear, arrogance, ego or some other mindset or belief?

The Well Lived Life Requires Wisdom

Many people today believe that a mind full of information or even knowledge is all it takes to succeed, be happy or feel contented with life. Sorry to say – they are all wrong. What is required for sustained success, inner peace and happiness that is not dependent on what you own or your position is wisdom. Just because you have 300 icons on your computer or iPad giving you instant access to more information that you can ever assimilate or use will not lead to a life lived with wisdom, common sense or maturity. What it takes is wisdom and wisdom can only be developed through a combination of information that contributes to knowledge and knowledge that along with experience equals wisdom.

The Risk Of Risk Avoidance

Risk – the danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur. The statistical chance of danger from something. To incur the chance of something harmful, dangerous, or detrimental due to a decision or action. I really don’t like any of these definitions although they would appear to be formal and appropriate. So here is mine. When we act and have the potential for dealing with consequences, circumstances, choices or decisions not turning out in a favorable way or how we would have liked, hoped or desired. Every day we all take risks – think about it.

Suffering – Are You A Victim Or An Observer?

Suffering is a normal part of life. No one escapes its presence in life. But the question remains – do you use it to learn or whine, get wiser or complain or get stronger or feel like life is picking on you – a victim mentality.

Exit Strategy Or When Is It Time To Pull The Plug

I can’t tell you how many times I have observed clients; develop new products, create new policies, acquire other companies, expand to new market areas and promote certain people when they were destined to fail either dramatically over time or shortly after the new decision was made. Or, people make a decision not feeling sure of the outcome as planned or hoped. Very little in life always turns out the way we want, need or hope or even feel we deserve and why? Well, folks it’s called – life.

Is The Fire Out

There are many factors that contribute to or determine our ultimate success but over the years after meeting thousands of successful people worldwide I believe at the top of the list is passion or what Napoleon Hill called in the classic book, Think and Grow Rich – “a white heat of desire.” Got it? Lost it?

The 5 Best Bad Day Strategies

The 5 Best Strategies for a Bad Day. Get back on track. And Close the day well.

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