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Think Clearly

I met a few people who are part of a sports club last week in Delhi. They were in the middle of a Cricket tournament. When I asked them how it was going for them, they told me they weren’t winning much. When I asked why, they said, “The team is not motivated enough, we think.”

Never Give Up, Never Give In!

Today is the day I decided to live! Today is the day I thought ‘what the heck’ and meant it! Today is the day when I face tomorrow with a sense of hope. This is my life, my decisions, and I will have to give an answer for it. But its mine. No more excuses!

The Longest Step – A Lesson on Faith and Courage

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface. That event is now known as the longest step. That first lunar landing was undoubtedly the greatest feat of the twentieth century. Not only had man set foot on another celestial body but the new advances in technology that were discovered to make that voyage a reality now benefit all of mankind.

Passion For Life

To have a dream is one thing. To live a life that you feel passionately about is a dream come true. You can have that life. Yes, you can!

Motivate With a Mental Motto and Trigger Your Inner Winner

When the whole world hits the fan and everything in the newspaper is negative, and your next door neighbor lost his job, well it is just amazing how difficult it is to motivate yourself. We tend to internalize all the hardships of the world around us and too often, allow to it to affect our inner psyche, but we must prevail against all this negative influence and rise above. Look, I know this is easier said than done.

The Motivating Factor For Everything You Do

What really motivates you? What motivates those people around you? Just like we get to choose our thoughts we can also choose our motives.

Read Motivational Life Quotes to Improve Your Life

Great Motivational Life Quotes are sure to motivate you when going gets tough. They motivate you to take action towards the goal you have decided for yourself and inspire you to live life with full enthusiasm. These Quotes takes you to an entire new world and lighten the road of success for you.

Motivational Tips For Work and Life

Do you need some motivation for work and life that will make you stop and think about how you can make a difference and be an example at work or home? Learn how to make everyday a great day by being that person who always has a smile on their face and that people are drawn to. Speak positively and have an attitude that exudes confidence and gratefulness in every situation!

The Importance of Motivation

If you want to succeed, one of the most important things you must have is motivation. Without motivation, it’s unlikely that you will be able to achieve anything great. But why is that the case? Because you must go through failure on your way to success.

Tips on How to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is something we all struggle with from time to time. You decide to begin an exercise routine to lose weight, but within a week you’ve fallen off the wagon due to a loss of motivation. You renege on a commitment at work, in your church or community because of a lack of motivation. Your lack of motivation causes you to fail in school or to get your business off the ground. The list goes on…

Motivation & The Blues!

When motivation deserts us, some coaches, seminars and trainings promise to give it right back to you. Short term fixes never work! Because down time is part of our natural rhythms and life in general. So this article shows you how to co-operate with it and re-connect with your motivation within.

Victory Over Procrastination – How to Conquer the Cascade

Have you ever had one of those divine appointments with a book? A book you just “happened” to pick up to read and it spoke directly into your life? One of those times where God is speaking to you as if it were face to face, giving you a direct insight into your life? A time when it seems like God’s voice is almost audible?

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