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How to Get Motivated – The Will to Win

Many people start doing things with a bang. When they set a goal, they start doing things to achieve it full of zeal and enthusiasm. However, somewhere along the way, many people lose momentum and stop. They lose the motivation to go on. If you are experiencing this, how do you get the driving force to let you go running again?

How to Get Motivated – The Power to Succeed

Do you ever wonder why there are motivational coaches, motivational seminars and motivational books? In the past, these things were unheard of. Before, nobody goes to a motivational coach to achieve success in school. Before, nobody pays for motivational seminars to succeed in business.

How to Get Motivated – The Key to Being Successful

The key to being successful is being always motivated to do the things you have to do to achieve your goal. Unfortunately, everybody encounters a period of being unmotivated. Everybody goes through a phase where they just want to drop everything and leave the task at hand behind.

Life is a Highway – It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey, Right?

People compare life to a road or path, but it’s not entirely accurate. A road is stationary, your life is not. On a road, if you run out of gas, you stop and the road stands still. In your life, if you run out of gas, you stop but your life continues on.

The Two Towns

What if I told you that being healthy is easier than being unhealthy? Would you wait another minute to read this article?

Life Change – Dare to Be Different

Do you want a life change, but you also want to be like everybody else? I am here to tell you that I don’t think it will work very well. If you want true life change, you have to dare to be different.

Coffee, Cashewnut and Some Common Sense

Common Sense is Not common is a very common saying. we complicate things by forgetting to follow common sense. Here is an article explaining how easy it would be to follow common sense and succeed.

What is the Return on Investment of Keynote Speakers?

Business owners often view the fees of keynote speakers as an expense. However by calculating return on investment, some of the most profitable companies have found that motivational speakers are an investment cost that pays for itself in increased performance and morale.

Add Merriment to Holiday Events With Motivational Speakers

Is your company Christmas party something employees anticipate or dread? If your company’s holiday gathering has turned into a cliched assembly of bored workers who show up just to get out of work, it may be time for a change. Games and incentives can make for a merry atmosphere, but bringing in motivational speakers can inject energy into a company event and turn it into a positive team-building opportunity.

The Influence of Inspirational Quotes and Daily Motivation on Your Success

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But to rejuvenate one’s life every day, an “inspirational quote” is the answer. These quotes are words of motivation and wisdom.

How Do You Realize Your True Nature?

Would you like to live your true nature? Do you even know what your true nature is? Here is one clue.

The Five Worst Things For Self Motivation – Avoid These Mistakes!

Do you know why self motivation is such a hot topic? Because most people go about it the wrong way. Learn about five common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

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