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Struggle Makes You Stronger

You know that we all go through different struggles in life. Everyone has them and of course they vary massively depending on our quality of life, relationships and circumstances. Not to mention our feelings of loss, disappointment and anger.

Frustration – Impediment Or Encouragement?

This is one of the many feelings that every human would have experienced at many points in their life. Surprisingly it is likely that most of us have been frustrated for similar reasons. Frustration does not really have age limits.

Motivation – How to Make It Blazing Everyday

My friends call me an ambitious person. And yes I am. But I got a problem with my endurance on reaching my goals.

Never Give In

United Kingdom (Great Britain) Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave a number of inspirational speeches during World War II, however, none are a famous as the address he gave on October 29, 1941, to the students at Harrow School. It is probably his most quoted speech, but there have been myths and inaccuracies regarding what was said that day.

Importance of Hiring a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is a professional speaker who makes speeches intended to lift up and motivate their audiences. But many are not aware that the job motivational speaker does not end there, a perfect inspirational speaker will help the audience to view life in a new perspective, light up the human spirit to face challenges and teaches to celebrate life in a healthy way.

Can Employee Passion Replace Motivation?

Employees today face very stressful situations at the workplace as a result of which their desire to perform well drops drastically, so does their desire to stay in the same company. This article explores the different stages of employee motivation levels and means to counter the drop in motivation.

Is Everything That Happens to Us “Meant” to Happen?

Is it possible to go astray in life? If you listen to some, they will tell you that everything is perfect just as it is. So the answer from their viewpoint is that you can’t go astray-that everything that happens to you occurs because it’s meant to.The author of The Little Prince doesn’t buy this and neither do I.

Find Some New Appreciation Today

If your pursuit of happiness has taken a hit recently, you aren’t alone. But the road to recovery starts with appreciation. Think about how you can rekindle your appreciation for The Big Three in your own life.

Healing The Hurt – What You Can Do To Help

Everyone feels it and some people can get over them faster than others. Get over what? Hurt.

7 Tips for Super Motivation

Self-motivation may be the single most important tool to achieving greatness. It is also one of the most difficult skills to master. Here are 7 steps that could form your foundation to setting yourself free. You deserve to live the life you were meant to live. It’s your turn. TAKE ACTION NOW.

The Power of Believing in Positive Results

Why is it hard for some people to believe that they have the ability to make something special out of themselves? Is it really fair to say that you just need to be sure before plunging into the unknown?

A Life Coach Can Be Your Personal Cheerleader

Using the services of a life coach can greatly improve your quality of life. Find out how the many ways that I life coach can help you.

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