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Motivating the Masses

Motivating the masses has never been easy, but in recent years we’ve seen some pretty good examples of it. For instance, the campaign for President Barack Obama had over half of the population of the United States voting for a virtually unknown African American politician. The public relations and campaign was nothing short of brilliant.

Motivating the Mindless

Everyone is motivated in different ways, folks that are already motivated individuals, are rather easily motivated, sometimes you don’t have to motivate them out all, just tell them what needs to be done, and they’re off and running in a flash. Others, it takes a little more push to get them off their butts to go do something.

Motivating the Motivated

Have you ever considered how to motivate someone who is already quite motivated, even hyper motivated to do better? Just about anything you say to help motivate them goes in one ear and out the other. They already have a self motivating system that works for them.

Be a Quitter!

I’ll bet no one ever gave you that advice before! I’m seriously giving it to you now! BE a QUITTER: Quit Whining. Waaaa…waaaa. Don’t you just love whiners?

Motivate the Motivator

All day long you motivate the children in your care to learn their lessons, eat their lunch, take a nap, clean up and play nicely with other children. Your energy, your time, and your love is poured into teaching these children. You are a motivator!

High Gear Motivation – How to Hit Your Peak Day After Day

As challenging as your work and personal life can be, sometimes the biggest challenge of all is just staying motivated to Step It Up. We have a hundred tasks vying for our attention. This article will show you the best way to get motivated to find the best tasks and live with them.

Loss of Momentum, And How to Avoid it When Making Big Decisions For Your Business

In the face of challenges and many demands, how do you stay focused on your goals and make the best decisions possible? We explore that here.

Enrich Your Motivation

What if you have a good source of motivation now, will it assure you having a motivation in the future? Motivation is something that depends on you. It is not a object that when you possess it, it will be yours as long as you want. Motivation is not something you can buy. You cannot control when to have it or when to lose it.

Getting Healthy For a Better Life

I made the conscious decision about two months ago; that decision was to take the faithful headfirst leap into getting my mind and body back into shape. I had no idea that what I was getting into was going to be both physically and emotionally draining.

Motivation Advice – 3 Ways to Use Planning For Sustaining Your Motivation

Planning helps to improve and maintain your motivation levels. Learn how to increase your motivation through proper planning by reading this article.

Motivation in a Minute – Simple Skills to Self-Motivate and Mood-Regulate

It dawned on me that there are some things worth mentioning around ‘motivation’ – how to access it and how to maintain it. Listen to uplifting music. Whether it’s Mozart, Motorhead or Musicals, if you have a piece (or pieces) of music which makes you feel great and inspired when you listen to them, make a resolution to up-the-ante and get them on the stereo a little more often!

Motivation – Accomplishing Your Goals Efficiently

We have all done it at one point or another; we have something important to do, but end up putting it off until tomorrow. And what happens when tomorrow comes? We put it off again. The next thing you know, time continues to fly by and what could be a simple task becomes a burden.

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