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It Doesn’t Matter What They Think Or Say

The main thing that holds many behind people being successful in life is the fact that they fear criticism. The truth is that in life it only matters what YOU think because YOU are the only person in control of your desires, your decisions and your destiny.

The Secret to Discovering Your Self Worth!

While in deep meditation today, one word popped into my mind: saffron. I thought it rather strange. Why should I think of this word in particular? It wasn’t as if I had used it in my cooking lately. In fact it has been years since I last used saffron. Could it possibly be a message from Mother Nature, a Secret Pearl to share with the world?

3 Steps to Go From Dreaming to Doing

One of the main reasons for the death of dreams is that people neglect to DO anything to start making their dreams into a reality. We allow fear, doubts, other peoples opinions and procrastination stop us from doing what needs to be done. This article lays out 3 steps to help you go from dreaming to actually doing.

A Safe Shelter

It is nothing more important in a woman’s life, than to have a safe shelter. I have it. And I can do little pleasant jobs there: wash the floor, vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture, do the laundry, put the flowers into water and make coffee.

Overcome the Fear of Starting Your Own Online Business

Starting an online home business is an important decision towards reaching your ultimate goals. How, where and who you start with will be the key to your success.

A Lesson From 33

Thirty-Three men escaped their underground cell smiling and positive, joined together in faith, defying all the odds. Just think what can we do with a focus on the positive when the little bumps hit our lives.

The Best Motivational Speaker Can Bring Out The Best In Your Leaders

For those who have seen that Disney movie “A Bug’s Life”, you would probably remember that grasshopper leader saying this famous line – “The first rule of leadership: everything is your fault.” If you search for more ideas online about it, you will encounter so many first rules of leadership. This is quite understandable because there are many types of leadership that are inherently manifested by leaders of varying personalities. Therefore, from a motivational speaker’s point of view in leadership, that first rule idea that everything is the leader’s fault could benefit him in such a way that he will be man enough to take full responsibility of the outcome in every situation for the good of the organization. This is not to say though that the leader should cover up for anyone’s mistakes. Somehow, the key player should still be accountable for the consequences but the leader should be able to stand up and take complete responsibility for the outcome.

The Challenges We Face Seeking Opportunities!

In its basic form, a word of encouragement can create relationships and bonds that last a lifetime. This can also change someone’s mind-set toward us or how they approach us. With uncertainties always around the corner, sometimes a great opportunity is disguised in a challenge.

Personal Growth: 10 Things That Have Enabled Me to Grow on My Road to Progress

It is true that life is a journey and it is good to stop once in a while and review progress and sometimes question if you are on the right road and doing the right things. The road of life is filled with many valleys obstacles and blind spots. I evaluate some of the things that have given me courage and confidence to be able to make progress. You may be feeling like you are not going anywhere, but let me encourage you as I encourage myself that we are going to finish well. I share ten things that have enabled me to grow.

Today’s Actions That Lead to Tomorrow’s Dreams

You can dream big dreams, have the right intentions, attend seminars, webinars, conference calls, etc., and it all means nothing if you don’t take action. Real transformation occurs when you find your passion and then take the necessary steps to bring forth what you want.

3 Reasons Why Most People Fail to Dream Big

In order to live the great life, it’s vital that you think big thoughts and dream big dreams. But, many people, if not most, settle for mediocre lives and never set their gaze on higher heights. But if they chose instead to shoot for the moon, even if they miss, they’ll still land among the stars.

How to Be Happy

Motivational idea and advice on how to be happy. In the world that we live in today, most people are worried all the time about the things which are even minute in nature. But very few realize that this is a world which will post new issues and challenges everyday and that not only should we try to live on with it but to live it in a happy mood.

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