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Victory Over Procrastination – How to Conquer the Cascade

Have you ever had one of those divine appointments with a book? A book you just “happened” to pick up to read and it spoke directly into your life? One of those times where God is speaking to you as if it were face to face, giving you a direct insight into your life? A time when it seems like God’s voice is almost audible?

Living Outside the Box!

In today’s article: Living Outside The Box – I speak about us spirit-filled, creative, entrepreneurial gals who may have lived – or are living – an imposter life & work style for way too long. In my business I work with former (or existing) corporate gals who are in transition – a transition where the catalyst for their growth and evolvement is the desire to either grow (or shift) their existing creative entrepreneurial venture, or define and receive clarity on the kind that they’d like to start.

How to Stay Excited About Your Job!

Staying motivated in your job is a bit like staying happy in a marriage. It takes work (no pun intended) to stay fulfilled. In this case the work you should do is to always be learning.

Motivational and Inspirational Life Quotes to Move You to Action

Inspirational Life Quotes are most powerful tools to help you to move yourself to action rather than inaction. They keep you inspired and motivated to achieve what you want in life. However, they are just a tools and it is up to you how you use them.

The Impact of Motivational Speakers

One of the great things about motivational speakers is that they have the ability to trade a positive impact on the lives of many people. Although many people can see this profession as somewhat cheesy, this is one of the few professions that can create a change big enough to literally change the world.

Success and Motivation

Motivation plus action equals success. Learn how to tap motivation and action to get success.

Actions Speak Louder Than Thoughts

It’s easy to create mental barriers, convincing yourself that you lack talent or are too old to change. Action is often the only escape from such self-constructed prisons.

Motivation And Modern Organizations

The role of motivation in a modern day organization cannot be overemphasized. In fact, motivation now serves as a vital tool to get the aims, goals and objectives of an organization achieved. Most workers are no longer accepting any less from their employers as far as their fulfillment on the job is concerned. There is high rate of workers transition or labour turnover as workers move from one job to another for better life, better pay, packages, etc.

Motivation is the Key to Everything!

Motivation is the key to everything. I am not talking about the intense type of motivation it takes to be an elite athlete, or super salesman. I am talking about the quiet, unassuming motivation that keeps getting us out of bed every morning. Unfortunately, for some of us this feels like the same thing.

Driven by Guilt Or Shame? Break Away to Freedom – Begin Now!

WE ALL take after our parents (or a parent) in one part or other, in some shape or form. Chances are we either share a legacy around over-achievement or substance abuse (and don’t read illegal substances into that).

Motives – Where Do They Come From (and Lead Us)?

What we consistently sow thought-wise we reap. Is there, then, a connection between the tongue and the reapings of life?

5 Steps to Motivation

Learn 5 steps to stay motivated and get what you want. How can you generate an action plan to stay motivated? Write down what you want.

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