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Procrastination – Six Steps to Stop Delaying What You Want to Do

Procrastination is the enemy of achieving goals. Learn how to overcome the habit of delaying progress toward your goals.

A Concept to Get Almost Anything Accomplished!

It’s called learning. The real reason why most people struggle or even fail when they start a business, any business, is they really aren’t sure what they’re doing. This is especially true of the online business. This is because the Internet changes constantly, about every 8 or 9 months actually and advertising that worked in the past won’t work now.

People With Self Confidence Get Noticed

Those people who do not have self confidence end up not achieving very much in life. On the other hand, those who possess a good level of self confidence achieve many things; their aspirations, goals and dreams.

Inner Drive

What I am about to share with you is probably the single most important thing I will ever share with you. Listen carefully because I know it to be true. If you do not have a powerful mindset but also an even more powerful inner drive, you will never be successful.

Procrastinating Must Be Stopped! Is it Possible?

Procrastination is a disorder which can be physiological or psychological. Procrastination is when you leave your task undone and keep postponing it time and again for a later date. It could be a disorder or a habit. Many people suffer from the habit of procrastination and they are not sure that what exactly they are suffering from.

Easily Tap Into the Structure of Meaning For Immediate Benefit

A trip to the bagel shop proved to be a fantastic meta for the meaning of life can be fun, right?

Just a “Little” Bit More

Numerous people lose hope at the so called “11th hour”. In sports terms we will say they lose hope just before the finishing line. They are convinced they can’t be Winners in life and the truth is, Yes they can.

Keeping Your Vision Strong During a Recession

This article teaches you how to keep your vision of a positive future bright and strong. It clearly outlines what it takes to have power and certainty during a recession.

Perseverance and Motivation

Perseverance is defined as “doggedness: persistent determination!” These are some pretty strong terms.

Where Will You Be on 20th January 2009?

A day like today, Barack Obama has proved that it is not the colour of your skin, the meaning of your name, or the country you grew up in, that will make you or break you. What will make you, and make you stand out, are the beliefs you hold, the goals you set, choices you make, the determination, the resolve, the action. What will make for change, is the attitude we take and we maintain, the things we profess, where we draw the lines, and what people will remember us by. The journey to change does not stop with electing an American President. The journey towards change must be born in us, individaully, and collectively… Yes, We Can!

Making Positive Choices

Take responsibility for your life. Learn to make positive choices to get the positive results you want.

Take Responsibility For Change

If you manage or supervise others, both in the home as well as in the work environment, you may find the information in this article useful. Staff can often seem to let you down, behave in ways that appear to be inefficient, conflictual or disinterested, and this is an additional and unnecessary burden on top of all the other issues you face at work.

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