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You Were Not Born To Be A Spectator In Life

Winning Is Not Getting Ahead of Others, It is getting ahead of yourself. Your greatest competition is not with your rival, but it is with yourself. If you beat all competition and yet do not become the very best you could be in the process then in the grand scheme of the game of life you have lost. Most people push ahead to get ahead of others. That is a natural tendency, and in fact society teaches us to be competitive. At school society gives us grades and numbers thus imprinting in our minds that we should strive to get ahead of others if we are to be rewarded in life. However, far more important than getting ahead of others is to bring the best out of yourself. Winning is not about comparison with other people’s performances. Winning is about contributing the maximum while you are still able.

Become an Inverse Paranoid to Turn Around Your Fortunes for the Better

There are two elements that are ever present in any situation. These are attitudes and facts. The two have mutually reinforcing effects. Our attitudes influence the progression of the facts because facts are not static but continuously changing in response to it taken. On the other hand, attitudes cannot be insulated from the outside facts.

Who Knows Your Purpose More Than You?

This may be a little painful but here is a topic that needs to be addressed. Do not listen to others that tell you what you can and can’t desire, dream, and accomplish. Don’t listen to the ones that aren’t achieving in their own lives.

A Winning Strategy For Life That Never Fails

There is an illustrative anecdote that is often used in time management lectures that is worth retelling. One day an old professor was invited to lecture on the topic of Efficient Time Management, so goes the tale.

A Radical New Way Of Looking at Life

We must always remember that our actions go far beyond the four walls of our offices and beyond the mere lives of the people we touch directly. In every seed there is a potential tree, and in every tree there is a forest. However, it is only a discerning person who can realize that there is a forest in every seed. Similarly in every young boy there is a potential family and in that family there is a tribe or even a nation of people. An act of kindness, a word of encouragement or a helping hand given to the boy is actually service rendered to a whole nation of people. In much the same way a brutalization or shabby treatment of one boy is also an act of injustice against a whole nation.

Caring What People Think Gets You Nowhere, Daring To Be What You Want To Be Is Priceless

To be yourself is the most costly thing in the world, especially when considering the immediate prestige and approval from others you can seem to get when you conform completely and have the opportunity on top of that to conform completely. The point to that long sentence is, to be the real boss, you must pay the cost as we all must. Some try to escape this fact by completely seeking the approval of others, before considering themselves. Few consider themselves first, only and rationally for their own genuine benefit. The latter who acts for their own genuine benefit as a whole is what I am writing for. The people who want the approval of others first is what I am writing against.

Peace and Quiet In Life’s Thunderstorms

Some people naturally resemble clocks. Their emotional ambience flickers little; they are not easily swayed, upset, or even buoyant. They just keep living, one ticking moment following the previous one, and so on. These have little redress for regret, for they seem to manage the tremulous minute the same as they ever do – there is a pleasant casualness about them that we tend to admire. They seem resilient and stoic… Let’s explore how to achieve a quietened mind.

Motivation Is the Key But Success Is Up to Me

Everyone dreams about what they want to do or have in their life. The question sometimes is how do I get there? The answer to the question could seem to be complex but it is rather simple.

Who’s Going To Do It For Me?

During my time at school, my below average performance in class meant that I received a constant stream of messages and reminders from my teachers telling me that I wouldn’t amount to very much in my life. No amount of lecturing, shouting or other tactics employed by my teachers or parents had any real effect or success in improving my term grades or exam results.

Practice Makes It Permanent

We have all heard of “practice makes perfect.” Do we realize that practice makes it permanent? In this article, we will discuss how repetition forms habits and how practicing can change your life.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

Luck is Preparation and Opportunity. If you believe in Luck, understand that you control preparation. Whatever it is that you want to do, being prepared for that opportunity puts you in a position to be considered lucky.

Tips in Searching for a Versatile Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers are very much in demand these days. These are the people who are asked to speak in front of a large group of people regarding a certain subject matter usually about business matters or motivational and inspirational talks.

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