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I Have an Idea

Research has shown that the world is not in need short supply of idea filled individual but ACTION oriented people. Am sure you must have heard this severally. This article will help you find the reason to take action NOW!

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Is it time for you to make a change in your life? You have everything you need right now to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Discover a very simple secret you can do today that will change how you view your comfort zone.

Motivation is the Key to Success

Motivation is the key to success in each of our lives. While success is something that is relatively personal, and means something different to everyone, the ultimate goal of success is to achieve a goal, or a set of goals.

A Motivation Plan For Turning Your Intentions Into Reality

Intentionality, defined as interior motives to take action, is subject to “emotional drag” and “physical resistance.” Emotional drag results from keeping our intentions to ourselves believing that we can muster the means and the will on our own to realize them any time we choose. Intentions are invisible motivators that, unless manifested by means of immediate action, become enfeebled in their ability to generate sufficient energy and appropriate activity that would actually bring them “into the visible world.” The longer they reside silently inside your mind, the weaker they grow to create altered states and improved circumstances in your life.

The Power Of Self-Motivation In Attaining Greatness

This article will set you on the pathway to attaining GREATNESS in your life, it will keep you Self-Motivated at all times; you will be able to differentiate between mere Success and True Greatness. This is real Power to make you Great and Influential. This is the cure for Failure and Mediocrity; use it any time you feel lazy and psychologically down.

Power of Your Words

Your words have great impact so chose them wisely. Too many times people use the words that they heard someone repeat and they believe that everyone says it, but it is not true. Also some words have been more established because of constant overuse.

Practice Makes Perfect – Or Does It?

The phrase Practice makes Perfect, is well known amongst many, but is it true? Particularly when it comes to sport.

I’d Like a Second Opinion

When to speak, when to hold your tongue? Ah me, even salsa has it’s hot buttons.

Stronger, Faster, Tougher – Meet the Inner Winner

Somewhere along the way, many folks have forgotten their drive, commitment and instinct to do the best at everything they do. Somehow, these personal attributes got lost and were no longer relevant or maybe folks just got tired and gave up.

The Grocery LIST For Life!

Any one of these Lists can have a dramatic impact on your Life. All of them together will provide you a Life and Lifestyle that most people only dream about achieving. It’s my desire that you will give careful consideration to constructing each List so that you will indeed become the Best you can become.

I Don’t WANNA! Dealing With Loss of Motivation

What do you do when suddenly motivation up and takes a hike on you? How do you get it back? Should you even TRY to get it back?

One Small Seed

Every thing that you think, say or do is just one small seed. What happens from that seed depends largely on how well you take care of it. We all reap what we sow, in business, in relationships, in life.

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