YOU OWE YOU – Motivational Speech

How to Get Motivated

In life there are many things that can motivate us and give the pep we need to keep going. Religious beliefs, music, talking to someone who is very positive minded, watching a film with a positive outcome, reading books on positivity…there are many things we could use.

Sincerely You – MAKE a CHANGE

I have to be upfront with you all before I begin – I do not have a doctorate or any degree that gives me any qualification to state what I know. I am here to assist you in finding your faults, unraveling society ‘s imperfections – correcting them and making sure you KNOW who you are and how you play your role in creating an unsafe environment around you.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key to success. Without it, a person usually does not feel the energy, desire, and enthusiasm to complete the tasks that are required for success.

Change Your Life – Find Your Purpose

If I gave you 10 million pounds tomorrow but you had to work to keep the money, what would you do? This is great way to find your gifting or passion as you will instinctively know what you would spend your time doing if you had all the money you need.

What is Your Inner Voice Telling You? A Motivation Technique For Success

Inside you is a voice that can lead astray or guide you to success. It can remind you of all the reasons you have self doubt or give you reasons to keep moving. Your inner voice can discourage you or encourage you. The difference is learning how to use that inner voice not for doubt but for motivation.

3 Powerful and Proven Tips How to Get Motivated All the Time

Do you want to learn how you can get motivated all the time? Motivation is one of the keys to success because if you do not have the motivation, you will never get anything done. Most people procrastinate and put of taking action because they do not have the motivation to do it.

Christians! Let Us Take the World For Jesus!

Of all the religions in the world, the Christian message of love, joy and peace is the most needed. This Christian message is the only one that gives people a personal, loving relationship with the Creator-Redeemer God of the universe. These are strong statements that are backed up with centuries of testimonies of ruined lives that have been put back together again.

Try the 30-Day Smile Challenge, and Change Your Life

Do you really want to make a difference in your life and a difference in the world? Smile more! It’s that easy. Here’s how!

How to Achieve Success When Results Are Not Typical

Everyone has desires and wants this or that to be different than it is. This may be wanting to lose a little weight, making a bit more money, getting rid of that addiction or being just that much happier. So you join programs, read books, and wonder why it worked for that person but not you.

When All Systems Are GO and All Lights Are GREEN

There’s something really inspiring about watching a rocket launch. All the preparation work that goes in, all the technology, all the teamwork, and the coordination of science, wisdom and human endeavour… all of this goes toward the single goal of pushing that rocket or space shuttle into the upper reaches of earth’s atmosphere and well beyond.

Building Your Future on Solid Rock Not Sand

The things we’ve known are not all there is. There is more. Faith tells us there is still a lot we don’t know which will sweep up our present understanding in great corpuscles of wondrous, though at times embarrassed-in-retrospect, joy – from the point of retrospect. This is the faith-held future (a hope) informing the present and not our past.

Don’t Fail Before You Start

There are many things that will slow you up in your entrepreneurial ventures. Learn to face the 3 biggest problems that face all entrepreneurs, new or old.

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