YOU OWE YOU | Powerful Motivational Speeches Compilation

Your Passion is a Direct Reflection of Your Results

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people seem to be able to do anything, or get anything done? Maybe you are the kind of person that sees others around you and wishes that you could produce the way they are. Whatever the case may be, there is always a reason why some people produce more than others.

Your Word is Your Wand – Use it Well

All too often I hear words coming out of people’s mouths that are so ugly, so thoughtless, so cruel, it stuns me. I want so much to run to them, take them by the shoulders and shake them. I want to tell them how those very words will come back to them in some form, and the power of those words will crush them as well (or more!) than the person they’re shouting them at. But I don’t. I don’t because I know that each and every one of us must learn our lessons for ourselves. And the one that has meant the most to me is the power of my words. How well do you use (and choose) yours?

Are You Tired of the Bull?

Want to know how avoid the “charging bull” in your life? Want to become the beautiful butterfly that you truly are? Want more happiness and prosperity in your life?

If You Want to Do Something – Do It!

Learn how people have been discovered and made successful career moves by doing what they love! Their examples are inspiring and will give you ideas about how you too can succeed in what you want to do most!

License to Create Wealth

We create what we think about. What if you found you had no money to pay your bills, to buy food, to take the next bus to go to that much needed interview, to get that much needed job, to put that much needed food on your table and to pay those bills? What would you do? It seems to me there are any number of options: you could find yourself on the street without food or shelter or you could say, well I’ve got nothing to lose – I have some skills, I have some ideas, I have a wider view of myself than this, I’m going to jump start my life. Throughout history and certainly with some of the millionaires we know of today they have had to do exactly that.

The Olympians – We All Need Dedication Like That

It is there for all of us to witness again after four years, just how dedicated these Olympians really are. It is a joy to watch these people compete and push themselves to the ex stream for their countries. They really do set an example to us all don’t they?

How to Motivate Yourself With Funny Motivational Posters

If you’re having a bad day, you could use some funny motivational posters. There are tons to choose from out there. You owe it to yourself to get a couple of good ones.

Top 5 Ways How to Stay Motivated All the Time

Write down your goals on a piece of paper and paste it on somewhere you can see it often. This is one of the most powerful motivation strategies you can use, but this is also what most people fear to do. People always are shy about their goals and they do not dare to publicly tell their goals to the people they knew. If you do this, you will be often reminded by your goals, as a result, you will always drive into taking massive action. If you are serious in achieving what you want in your life, do this.

Disappointment May Come Your Way

An event we all run away from yet, we ply the path it is conversant with without been sensitive enough to know that we are in its territory. Why do we have to risk ourselves? This is what we do everyday without knowing.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Beware of Tail Enders

I can promise you that early on in your affirmation regimen, tail enders will make their appearance. A tail ender, you may recall, is a term coined by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

What Do You See – Problems Or Opportunities?

Five key questions MUST be asked whenever a problem comes up. They come, of course, after the main question for you: what do you see – a problem or an opportunity?

TPC – 3 Words to Unlock Your Destiny

Proverbs 18:31 “Death & Life are in the power of the tongue.” Translation words that are spoken, written and received are powerful . As a coach no one understands the impact of words more than I. I have personally witnessed the impact words (positive & negative) can have, particularly on young people.

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